2022 Critical Tips for Select and buying Tiles from China

Hello everyone, as an experienced tile sourcing agent in Foshan, China. From my point of view, tile is one of the most important elements to determine the tone and style of the whole house. So after, you have the style you like in mind for the house, it’s better to decide which tile to match your idea at the very beginning. Therefore, having knowledge of tiles would be necessary for homework. I am now going to guide you on how to source tile from China, how to choose the tile? How to buy the right tile?
There are many kinds of tiles based on different techniques of production. Polished tiles, glazed tile, full body tiles, rustic tiles are popular in the market. These different tiles can meet different people’s requirements. Some are glossy while some are matted. Some are plain and flat, while some are with texture and pattern. People normally choose tiles because they like the appearance. However, it is far from enough. We had better consider the function as well. We not only need their beauty but also their durability.

When it comes to durability, how to tell which one is more durable and of better quality?

  • The place of producing tile is a very important factor in China. Guangdong tile is of better quality than other places. and Foshan is the best place for tile in Guangdong province, also Foshan is the best city for all kinds of building material, that’s why we also as Foshan sourcing agents. Choosing a place that is professional in producing tiles is the first step. Foshan city is well known for tiles due to its large scale of production, high level of mature technology, convenient logistic,s and its tiles good quality. So buying tiles from Foshan is a wise decision. You can see the tile-packing box there will show where it is produced.
  • Premium-grade tiles are of the best quality. This should be our basic requirement. They have fewer defects on the surface than qualified tiles. If the tiles are for our own house, we must select premium grade one. You can check it in the packing as well, once shows (优等)means premium grade. And also a 3C mark on the box:
  • Tile size .as now the fashion trend ,the bigger the more nicer looking ,so bigger size of the tile will be more expensive . there are 30*60 ,60*60,80*80,60*120,80*160,100*100cm ,even now 240*120cm ,160*270cm ,big slab tile is a trend.
  • Whole body (full body )tile VS Glazed tile VS polished tile

In the market ,these are 3 common tiles. Full body tile is better quality than Glazed tile ,while polish tile has limited of designs . Full body tile is a upgrade of the Glazed tile ,it has more designs and like nature marble ,and a good full body tile and glazed tile also add a layer of anti-slip glazed layer ,and anti-scratch . Its hardness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance are higher than normal polish tiles. So it’s not easy to be broken. Besides, its water absorption rate is lower . With low water absorption(the lower the better ), tiles color won’t change as time goes by and it won’t get mouldy. But ,Polished tile the price is lower and it is a durable tile as well ,Glazed tile price is in the middle .

How to check the tile quality?

After we tell the tiles suppliers about our requirements, we can also ask them to offer tiles samples to check the quality by ourselves. First of all, we observe the appearance of the tiles to see whether there are some black dots, air bubbles, pinholes, crack, scratches, and so on. After that, we randomly take some pieces to put them together and check whether they are all in the same flat and they don’t have a gap between each other. We can put 2pcs face to face and see whether.

they are flat. Secondly, we knock it and hear the sound. For the wall tiles or small size tiles, if it sounds like metal, they are in good quality. For big size tiles like floor tiles, if it sounds thick with echo, it means it’s with high hardness and density. We can use something hard to scratch the surface to see its hardness too. Thirdly, we need to measure four sides and diagonal of the tiles. If the data are consistent, it’s good tiles. As for water absorption, we can pour some water on the back of the tiles. If water seep through it very slowly or doesn’t seep through at all, then its water absorption rate is low, which means it’s in good quality.  

Make sure the packing while shipping the tile

When we make sure we have purchased durable tiles in good quality, another important issue to be considered is packing. After all, it’s long journey of transportation to export to any country. If the packing is not correct or not strong enough, any top grade tiles would be broken. It’s big loss like throwing money to the sea. So I want to share with you two suggestions from my experience of exporting tiles. The first one is do not put tiles lie down horizontally. We must guarantee each piece stands vertically on the pallet. And then we need to ask supplier to pack the tiles on four sides of the pallet to make sure the tiles won’t slope to one side.

With good knowledge of tiles, professional inspection method and correct packing way, you can finish tiles part smoothly and focus on the rest of furnishing.

Well, that’s the tips I want to share, and if you have any question about sourcing tile from Foshan China. Please contact us. We are an experience Foshan Sourcing Agent, who has a demonstrated history in sourcing high quality tiles for our esteemed clients across the globe. 

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