2022 the best furniture markets in Foshan based on First choice of customers

Hello,Everyone. We are here to show you in the year of 2022 the top 5 famous furniture markets in Foshan,with summarize their furniture design ,brand ,quality ,service ,price .here is our experience of the Foshan furniture markets after working as sourcing agent in Foshan for more than 8 years .

we will  bring you  a Tour in Foshan Furniture Market

When it comes to furnishing the whole new house, people like you and me are always recommended to come to Foshan furniture market in China. Indeed, it’s very common to find out lots of foreigners from different countries and many Chinese E-commerce sellers “wandering” around there. Why are these furniture market so attractive, charming and magical? As a interpreting guide, I would like to share my experience with you. Let’s begin our tour!


There are some main famous furniture markets in Foshan, the most Top 5 furniture markets are named Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center, Sunlink Furniture Market North Area, Sunlink Furniture Market South Area, Dongheng International Furniture Exhibition Center and Nanhua Furniture Town. They are beside the same road, locating at Lecong town Shunde district. The last three markets can be seem as one part because they are very closed and next to each other.

Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center: Overview Video

Sunlink Furniture Market North Area: Overview Video

Nanhua Furniture Town:Overview Video

Sunlink Furniture Market South Area:Overview Video

Dongheng  Furniture Exhibition Center:Overview Video   Decorations Area Video   

 On the way to those markets, Sunlink Furniture Market North Area is the first site of the route. There are many buildings in this market covering different various of furniture. Home furniture is mostly sold from block one to block six at outer main buildings. And the second floor is for redwood furniture. My clients normally just stay at the first floor since products are modern and more popular. At the back of these main buildings, that’s the world for office furniture. The whole part of this area is not very tall but it’s enough for satisfying customers’ demand. Products here are in good quality. I have helped my clients inspect the products from this market many times and didn’t find any problems or flaws. Those brands are less famous than the brands in the Louvre. Suppliers focus on medium and medium-high end products. As for Price, it is mostly cheaper than the one in the Louvre and more expensive than the one in the Sunlink South Area. That is to say the price is at the medium level. People are not too astonished at it. For instance:

  • The first picture on the right is solid wood coffee table. It costs 628USD/set. That’s the on-sale price.
  • The second one is the big fabric sofa, it’s about 1600USD/set.                                                                       

We can also find some cheaper products there but not so many. Price is at that level on average. It’s easy to find the food at this market. KFC, Starbucks and some Chinese restaurants are located closely at the outer building facing the main road. MacDonald’s is about 800m away from KFC. And there are a few banks around there.

After we finish the tour in Sunlink Furniture Market North Area, Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center is the one that next to it and will definitely attract our sights. It’s a luxury huge market like “palace” with eight floors. Entering the main gate, you will be shocked by its unique layout and splendid decoration. There are more than one thousand five hundred top brands and more than one million products displayed in this mall. It focuses on top and medium high end products in European style, classic American style, contemporary style, etc. There is no denying that those products are in amazingly high price because of the brand, special design and best quality. Let me share some examples below from this market:

* For this function sofa set, single-seated+two-seated+three-seated: 4,380USD/set 

*   Outdoor sofa set, two-seated+three-seated: 1,780USD/set                                             

They are made of extremely good real leather and fabric respectively and their designs are so distinctive that you won’t see any similar ones in other markets. Apart from purchasing products from this mall, it’s also a good and worthy choice to visit this place as a tourist. It will not only broaden your horizon but give you ideas for furnishing your own house. Sofitel Foshan Hotel is in this mall. It serves good food as well but the price is comparatively high. One more important point to be noted is that there is Bank of China at the ground floor in this mall so it’s very convenient for money withdrawal.

Moving along the main road, the most popular part of markets including Sunlink Furniture Market South Area, Dongheng International Furniture Exhibition Center and Nanhua Furniture Town will show us their busyness.




Sunlink Furniture Market South Area has five major procurement centers. Among all of them, Sofa Procurement Center, Home Furniture Procurement Center and Contemporary Furniture Procurement Center are more popular. It has the biggest section for sofa and bed furniture. If you want to buy cheaper sofa, Sofa Procurement Center is recommended. But the quality is not as good as the one in Sunlink Furniture Market North Area. As for Dongheng International Furniture Exhibition Center, its biggest difference between other furniture markets is that its second floor focuses on soft decoration. You can buy beautiful paintings, rugs, lightings, ornaments and artificial plants there in fair price. My clients like this place very much. On the ground floor, there are different products for home such as sofa, table, chair, bar stool, TV cabinet, wardrobe, outdoor furniture, mirror and massage chair. It can be called mixed-product market. Similar to Sunlink Furniture Market South Area, it targets at medium and medium-low end products. Therefore, the price is low too. Behind this market, there is Nanhua Furniture Town. It has four blocks. Each block has six floors. Most products are sofa, bed, table and chair in normal style. Their price is a little more expensive than the other two markets in general but still cheaper than Sunlink North Area. Actually, products from all markets in this part are the cheapest comparing with Louvre and Sunlink North Area. And its quality is acceptable. I cannot deny that I did find some problems when I checked those products from this part but good thing is that sellers are willing to help fix them after our negotiation. Pictures below are from markets in this part:

  • This dinning table with natural marble in customized shape and size(rectangle, 4.8*1.3m) costs about 1200USD/set.
  • For this coffee table with natural marble, it’s 290USD/set or so.
  • The orange leather sofa is about 580USD/set.                                 

Due to the lowest price and acceptable quality, most people tend to come to this part for procurement especially for those foreign wholesaler. In the inner places, there are more small malls for furniture including office furniture. Around all these markets, a few restaurants, street food and banks can be found. But the banks’ systems sometimes are not stable so you may not withdraw money smoothly.

All furniture markets talked above have clear differences from each other. I would like to summarize it by below table.

Louvre Sunlink North Sunlink South Dongheng Nanhua
Brand Level top and medium-high medium and medium-high medium and medium-low medium and medium-low medium
Design unique normal normal normal normal
Price high medium low
Quality best good acceptable
Service best good good good good
Food few and expensive more and cheaper a few and cheapest


Here are some more tips for you:

  • Better prepare more cash before you come to China. Suppliers need cash for deposit.
  • Bargaining helps you get good products in good price.
  • Markets open from 9am to 6pm.
  • Hotel recommendation: If you just buy furniture, Sofitel, Fortune and Aishang are the choices; If you also want to buy ceramics, kitchen cabinet, floor, windows and door, you can stay at Crowne Plaza, Swissotel Hotel or Polton International Service Apartment. There are some shopping malls so that you can do some personal shopping as well.

Hope these can give you help for your procurement trip. Thanks for reading. Welcome to China. Welcome to the Foshan furniture market.

we have 8 years of sourcing experience in the furniture industry,welcome to use our furniture sourcing service. you will have a reliable sourcing agent in Foshan.