Artificial Flower Guangzhou market VS factory VS Yiwu market

Artificial flowers and plants are very popular and widely used in western countries. They always appear at home or many important and meaningful events as “responsible”decoration or gift because of their beauty, eternity and practicability. Therefore, they play a significant role in people’s life. These years, Guangdong has received a lot of customers from western countries for artificial flowers and plants. Having visited some artificial flower plant markets and factories many times, I am glad to share some tips with you.

Guangzhou is well-known as flower city. Except from growing plenty of fresh flowers and plant every year, Guangzhou is mature for selling artificial flowers and plants as well. Onelink Plaza in Guangzhou is a big famous market for toys and gifts. It has many artificial flowers and plants wholesaler, which attracts many customers. There are 8 main floors for selling products and some artificial flower plant wholesalers are on second, third, eighth floor. Those flowers and plants are in good quality. If you are not sure whether to buy big order or not, you can buy samples from this market but some wholesalers may not offer you wholesale price. For bulk order, the price there is good.




Like the five-head peony on the right, it’s 3.5USD/pcs based on the total quantity of 300pcs. More importantly, the wholesaler allows customers to mix colors to make it up to 300pcs. That’s fair deal I think. However, flower or plant set including the pot costs a lot because they spend much labour cost on it. Thus, I recommend you to buy single flowers and plants and then mix them by yourself with your designing talent.






What’s more, pots are also available in pot shops in this market. Beside this market, Debao Transaction Plaza is another market for artificial flowers and plants. Technically, fifth floor is the market. This building looks older and simpler than Onelink Plaza. Products there are cheaper too. As for the quality, it’s ok from my perspective but not as good as the ones in Onelink. If you want to buy flowers and plants for less important part, this is a suitable market for you. The flower on the left costs 0.4USD/pcs. 50pcs is acceptable.





Near the metro station called Haizhu Square, another mall is located above exit B2 of the metro station. It’s Binbin Plaza. Artificial flower plant wholesalers are on third, fourth and fifth floor. Their selling position is the same as Onelink, targeting at medium and medium high products. So the price and quality are similar to Onelink. Those three markets are close and it’s very convenient for transportation and food.

In fact, Guangzhou also has a market named Huanan Flower Market. This market is about 20mins away from the other three markets. It’s famous for fresh flowers. But there are many artificial flower plant wholesalers as well. To be honest, the quality here is not that good though the price is low. So I don’t think it’s a good choice to go there.


If you want to buy some trees or you have big orders to place, it’s better go to factories. The factories that I have been to have much more choices than wholesale markets. What’s more, they have very systematic showroom and workshops. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of their products, but also you can have a knowledge about the whole process for producing artificial flowers and plants after visiting those factories. Normally, they have minimal order quantity requirement and always ask for big order since they are producer. But actually if you are a sincere buyer, they are willing to try their best to do business with you. For example, if your order quantity is low, they would consider to sell you the products in stock and the price is still lower than wholesaler’s price. For the white roses on the right, 2USD/pcs. As a foreign wholesaler, it’s fair price if you discover at what price that your competitors sell their products. The other thing is checking the quality. If the quality is great, it will be your dream supplier.






Yiwu flower market :

Yiwu market is the biggest flower wholesale market . there the price is good .and need a bigger minimum order quantity like 2 carton ,which is about 300-600pcs per design . While guangzhou market the minimum order quantity is about 10-20pcs per design.

the Yiwu market the flower is not that nice as guangzhou market . and they have a better price . so you can make decision of which market is your target by comparing :price , transportation , quality ,minimum order quantities.


To make the story short, if you have big demand for artificial flowers and plants, finding factories and comparing the price, quality and service is your goal. If not, going to wholesale markets to collect products from different wholesalers is a good and practical decision. As I said before, quality in Onelink Plaza and Binbin Plaza is great but price is comparatively high. Quality in Debao Transaction Plaza is a little bit lower but price is better. How to make choices is a personal question. Different markets are for different customers’ demand. Hope all of these can help. Thanks for reading!