Children Clothes Wholesale Market: Guangzhou Zhongshan Ba Lu Business Guide

Guangzhou Zhongshan Ba Lu, a street of long-standing. Nowadays, it has become familiar with the children’s clothing wholesale market. Zhongshan Balu Children’s Clothing Wholesale Market is the earliest market of children’s clothes for wholesale in China. In the early 1980s, Nantian Children’s Clothing Trade Market settled at Zhongshan Ba Lu, leading the history of the … Read more

Five ways to assess Chinese suppliers effectively

This process seems complicated, but it is not. Because suppliers have to meet several factors: first, competitive prices; Second, stable prices; Third, meet the customer’s delivery needs; Fourth, excellent quality: fifth, convenient communication. These are the five I think are the most important, and the other elements complement them. A competitive price is important, and. … Read more

How to choose the right sourcing agent ? Must read

Hello,everyone .To those new start-up business friends and small online sellers or offline wholesalers, sourcing products from China and particularly Guangzhou is not easy unless they have enough resources and enough time to compare different suppliers and products and communicate with them. Actually, it is kind of headache for sellers. That’s why people need sourcing … Read more

How to Customize Garment in China and sell it in your country?

Garment can be regarded as an important and amazing tool for shaping people’s bodies, decorating them, and showing their personality. The population of the whole world is undoubtedly big and people wear clothes every day and always follow the world’s trend. So there is a great market and demand for clothes especially brand new model … Read more

Five Fatal Mistakes while sourcing products from China explained

sourcing products from China

Quick question: Are you in the importing business? where are you selling your product? In your retail shop? Or maybe you’re thinking about Amazon, Shopping Five or EBAY? It doesn’t matter what business model you choose if you are importing products from overseas. This article is written for you. This article will list five fatal … Read more