Top 13 Guangzhou Wholesale Market in 2021

If you are into the business of importing, then China must be your favorite choice. In the country, the Guangzhou Wholesale Market is very popular. It fulfils the purpose of various businesses based in other countries like India, Canada, the United States and others by offering wholesale products such as car parts, electronics, mobiles, and … Read more

Top five mistakes one commits while sourcing products from China

Just a quick question: Do you work in the import/export business? Where are you going to start selling your product? In your retail establishment? Alternatively, are you considering Amazon, Shopping Five, or EBAY? It makes no difference what business strategy you adopt if you are importing things from other countries. This content is written specifically … Read more

How to Source Product from China during Covid-19

In 2020, the sudden outbreak has struck the world, and the economy, politics, culture, social life and development of all countries have been affected to varying degrees. Nowadays, China has not yet been able to allow foreign customers into the country for business. Therefore, sourcing can be assisted via the network and a trustworthy Sourcing … Read more