Business tips for foreigner who want to buy in china wholesale market

When you see this question, most people will think that the factory must

be the cheapest, but the reality is not like this .

we went to visit a iron bed factory, we asked a single iron bed, this

factory was originally produced on the double iron bed , and for the

single iron bed they need to customize the production, the price is

almost 1.5 times than the wholesale market outside.

Similarly, we have a customer, he wants to buy furniture, contact

a factory, this factory seriously entertain the customer, but when

asked about the price, the price of this factory is 1.5 times the

wholesale trade market, and finally ,the customer flow our guide

and buy the furniture in the wholesale market.

So why is there such a situation?

The specific reasons are as follows:

Although the general price of the factory is lower than

the foreign trade companies and wholesale market, t

he foreign trade companies and wholesale shop can find

a better cost-effective factory, repeated bargaining,

and then from the factory to get a relatively low price.

(means trading company can find more fatories not just one ,

then can get a better price .) –copyright reserved by MoreFar Trading.

Some factories due to quality, delivery and other aspects

of poor control, easily lead to loss of customers. In fact,

foreign trade companies are actually brokers. On the one hand,

foreign trade companies have the obligation to help customers

control the quality of products and delivery time, and the factory

signed a purchase contract; the other hand, once in the early

inspection of the factory found that any other issues easily lead

to product quality, the foreign trade companies will be able to

change the factory suppliers. This is the factory can not do.

This is my personal opinion, and copyright reserved by Jerry.cheng

Also, when the factory has been full load production,and

can not do any new order . Foreign trade companies

do not have this problem, you can “change the whole zero”,

by a number of factories to produce customer orders. This is

the advantage of foreign trade companies.

Trading company will know what is the new products

which is hotsale better than the fatory ,as their flexible way to

get information from all fatories and customers .

So , that is why sometimes the factory price is higher than

trading company or wholesale market .