How to Source Product from China during Covid-19

In 2020, the sudden outbreak has struck the world, and the economy, politics, culture, social life and development of all countries have been affected to varying degrees. Nowadays, China has not yet been able to allow foreign customers into the country for business. Therefore, sourcing can be assisted via the network and a trustworthy Sourcing … Read more

Customized clothing production process in China, Guangzhou and critical attention points

Hello, everyone, if you want to customize your brand clothes with a China garment factory.Today, we gonna show you the most important experience: We have rich experience in sourcing clothes suppliers in Guangzhou China. The clothing production process can be summarized as design-pattern-sample- order-production-quality inspection. Let’s talk about each link in detail. Apparel Design The … Read more

Children Clothes Wholesale Market: Guangzhou Zhongshan Ba Lu Business Guide

Guangzhou Zhongshan Ba Lu, a street of long-standing. Nowadays, it has become familiar with the children’s clothing wholesale market. Zhongshan Balu Children’s Clothing Wholesale Market is the earliest market of children’s clothes for wholesale in China. In the early 1980s, Nantian Children’s Clothing Trade Market settled at Zhongshan Ba Lu, leading the history of the … Read more

Furniture and Furnishings

After 6 years sourcing, and trading with our clients around the world, we are now very familiar with these industries: 1. Building materials 2. Furniture and Furnishings 3. Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe 4. Tile 5. Garments 6.Hotel and Restaurant Facility 7. Wedding and Events Decoration 8.Electronic Item and Phone Accessories 9.Wedding Dress 10. Handbag and Shoes 11. … Read more

Foshan Tiles weekly Promotion

The tile in Foshan is very good quality and excellent price.After so many years sourcing in foshan area , we  have many ways to get the lowest price of tile /ceramic. here is the weekly promotion price of tiles : Promotion Period : 2020/05/25 – 2020/05/31 Please Download our tile price list :Tiles on Sale … Read more