How the Best China Dropshipping agent help you?

A top dropshipping agent can be a very cost-effective way to help saving shipping cost on large quantity order or medium quantity. Many shipping agents cooperate with transport companies and Custom; they offer cheap shipping than many shipping companies that operate in various countries.

To find the best China Dropshipping agent you have to ascertain the following three things:​

Complete list of services: If you can find a sourcing agent in China who can help you with products sourcing, purchasing management and shipping arrangement, few agents can also help customers inspecting sampling, producing and delivery there is nothing like it. You don’t have to employ different people or agency for different services.

Cheapest price possible: That’s the most attentive point that customers cared. To find the top China dropshipping company or a sourcing agent who has strong connections in supply chain in China, they will help you save 30%-50% cost.

Loyal to your needs: A good agent team is very loyalty and patient, they will convey all your requirement to suppliers, and always think to maximise your profits. They will send you photos and files in each process including sample and mass production, get you monitoring from the beginning to end and speed up all processes in delivery. These shipping agents are also referred as order follow up agent in China. You can always count on them to give you the right information about your shipment.

How to consolidate material from various suppliers with the help of the Best china shipping consolidator?

All that you need is the Best China shipping consolidators like Morefar Global, specializing in shipment and distribution of products for individuals and businesses all over the world. Contact Morefar Global and ask for their main Chinese warehouse address. Morefar Global will send you a unique Suite ID (each customer account has a unique Suite ID), and then you can give this address to each supplier from which you buy.

The consolidation helps to minimise your shipping costs because, if you ship separately from each supplier you were shipped from in China, the higher the shipped costs per kg, and you don’t need to pay any basic shipping costs for every shipping as you want to. Morefar Global can ship internationally, depending on the size of your shipment, via air , sea or rail from China.