Why do you need help of a China supplier audit company?

Before you conclude contracts, China Factory Audit service is designed to provide you with complete trust in your supplier. We help you to confirm the different claims made by suppliers and analyze potential suppliers’ capabilities.Usually an audit is performed after “provider identification & shortlisting” has been completed and is an on-site form of due diligence on a new supplier in particular. At Morefar Global as a China supplier audit company will audit all kinds of suppliers, manufacturers and our audit service is bound to create a great difference ion the quality of products your procure from China. 

How do we audit suppliers?

To arrange a visit to the premises of the supplier – to ensure that there is a natural location of the company and to conduct an audit of its factory and production line. Educated auditors do so. 

  • Identity check by a China factory audit agent
  • Contact info and contact their representatives to check & verify
    Identity check of the provider’s legal agent
  • To insure that the records are authentic, review the company’s related identification certificates and verify their authenticity with the respective departments.

How do we do check a suppliers competence?

  • Reviewing manufacturing processes for factories, such as welding, SMT, testing & assembly.
  • Evaluation of annual and seasonal production capacity of factories.
  • Evaluation factories export experience and capabilities, e.g. to check export licenses as well as to understand the mix of domestic sales Vs. exports.
  • Checking & evaluating the manpower resources of the factory, i.e. the total number of workers, the number of workers per production line, the number of administrators and sales staff, the number of managers, etc.

How do we maintain top quality?

Our top priority is to make available all those products fro wich you have paid. We understand that it is really difficult situation when you recieve products that are not up to the mark or not the quality garunteed by the supplier. MoreFar Global a top inventory management company in China also makes sure this dosen’t happen and you are saved from all the hassles. Our expert teams do the following to maintain high quality: 

  • Internal QA / QC protocols and identity of the corresponding supervisors are checked.
  • Check for certifications from third parties, such as ISO certifications.
  • Evaluation of the work hours of Factory and of other workers’ working conditions.
  • Product documents for client tests, such as ‘price checklists’ or ‘lab test reports.’
  • And there are also numerous other reliability and existence checks.

In the 48 hours after the conclusion of the factory audit the report is published in PDF format.