China travel advisory/Travel restrictions due to Covid-19

Who can come to China ?

Foreigners currently holding long-term residence visas can return to China, while travel visas are currently not allowed to come to China.
Business visa must be re-applied.

The following is the process of coming to China for isolation:

Before boarding the plane, two QR codes are required, the overseas health code (which can be operated on the WeChat program), and the customs health declaration code (which can be filled in at the boarding gate). You need to take your body temperature on board, and you will also take your body temperature during the flight.
When you arrive, someone from the customs comes up to take your temperature and check your health declaration code.

Get off the plane and wait in line to do a covid-19 nucleic acid inspection according to the procedure, and check the country of entry and exit, and then you can exit the custom.
Then they find your destination province/city, and isolate it. If the landing is in Shanghai, some provinces are currently quarantined in Shanghai for 14 days, and some are quarantined in Shanghai for 7 days + 7 days, that is, they are quarantined in Shanghai for 7 days, nucleic acid testing on the 6th day, and then transferred to the destination province to continue quarantine for 7 days. This process is the same for foreigners.

Note: Isolate accommodation and meals at your own expense.
Nucleic acid testing is free for the first and last time, and for the middle time.
The price of a segregated hotel is between 200-500 Yuan, but you can’t pick it yourself. It’s randomly assigned. You won’t know the standard until you arrive at the hotel.
In addition: It should be noted that some countries need to provide nucleic acid test reports for entry
Some countries only need to fill in the health code for 14 consecutive days.

If you require assistance for conducting business in China, a Business consultant assistant in China can help you during these testing times. If you cannot come to China, allow us to contact you can help you with sourcing products from China or provide quality inspection services.