Detailed Guide to Sourcing Furniture from China

China is a manufacturing hub for oodles of items across the world. Most things that we use today are either completely made in China or some of their parts are manufactured in China. The furniture market has always created a boon in the industry due to Chinese manufacturers. Even the largest brands outsource their furniture from this country.

Many brands often try trading with the furniture manufacturing units based in China with limited knowledge of a China furniture sourcing agent. Moreover, they do not have proper information on other subjects related to their furniture market such as;

  • The various types of furniture
  • Their market rates
  • The quality of furniture
  • Advantages of buying furniture from China
  • The wholesale rates
  • Negotiations with the owners
  • Various brands and comparisons between them, and more…

Regardless of whether you are designing a residential or commercial property, furniture is one of the most important costs to look at while preparing logistics. Importing furniture from China means cutting costs. However, with more than fifty thousand furniture manufacturer, it can be confusing to compare them and make a final decision.

Being one of the largest exporters of furniture, the country is smart to settle negotiation terms. One also has to think of the stiff competition there and the benefits importers have while doing business with them. To retain and sustain the customer relation, they will listen to your demands and terms attentively.

Popular types of furniture exported from China:

China exports a wide variety of furniture that is used in wardrobes, cabinets, doorknobs, kitchen drawers, flooring, beds, table lamps, etc… To get more into the detail, here is a list of some of the most common types of furniture imported from China;

  • Classic
  • Vintage
  • Loft
  • Retro
  • Art-deco
  • Rustic
  • Contemporary
  • Shabby chic
  • Modern
  • High-tech
  • Luxury furniture, and more…

Other than the above types of furniture, China specializes in sanitary ware, tiles, home décor materials, and many more things due to huge demand.

Importance of online furniture business in China:

As per the furniture market update of 2020, China is going online! Most Chinese manufacturers in the range of furniture are targeting B2B customers. E-commerce industries like Alibaba have remained a major player in the Chinese e-commerce market. E-commerce has emerged with more advantages being an online channel for both, importer and exporter.

With the recent global issues related to business trade in China, it is physically not advisable to travel to the country. However, this won’t impact the furniture business and future trades. The online business channel will ensure all the expectations of the clients are met and dealt with.

What is the role of China furniture sourcing agent for online furniture and furnishings?

Morefar Global helps you process all the furniture and furnishing needs from inspection to booking and from delivery to the settlement of dues. Check out the below steps involved to help them close the deal with dealers in China;

  1. The clients send us the list of furniture items as per their requirements. They may also share some reference images of the quality and type of furniture needed by them.
  2. Our company will also share catalogs of all the different varieties of furniture from different suppliers that we have a tie-up with to cater to our clients’ needs.
  3. Our efficient and eligible staff leaves no stone unturned to understand client requirements and will take every single detail from them of the order.
  4. Once the order is confirmed based on the discussion between the company and client, the final list is sent that includes; size, color, material, and other necessary details discussed. In short, we summarize the complete order requirements for our clients.
  5. After the order is finalized and the deposit is received, we coordinate with the suppliers to process the order ASAP.
  6. The goods are then collected to our warehouse and a quality check is performed to ensure that the material is the same as ordered by the client.
  7. The quality check report is then shared with the clients and any concerns are resolved then and there before the shipment takes place.
  8. Our company is in constant touch with the client and supplier until the order is received and dues are settled.
  9. For any concerns and queries related to the shipment, our customer service team is available 24/7 and help it resolve for you.
  10. The business may have settled between the client and supplier, but not for us; we coordinate and provide after-sale service to make ensure client satisfaction.

Morefar Global offers you a complete online tour of a furniture market in China. Other than the benefit of customization for the client, we also present the final order report based on the factors discussed. An order’s sample and order details look like as follows;

  1. Supplier Name
  2. Picture of the product
  3. Color
  4. Material
  5. Size
  6. Weight
  7. Quantity
  8. Unit Price for the piece
  9. Amount
  10. Deposit paid by the buyer
  11. Balance due
  12. ETD (Estimated Time of Delivery)

*Case study sample 1:

  • Requirement: Dinner set
  • Material: Ceramic gold plated
  • Size: 10 inches, 8 inches, and 6 inches
  • Quantity: 20, 20, 20 each
  • Per Unit Price: ¥50, ¥36, ¥28 respectively as per the requirement
  • Total Amount: ¥1000, ¥720, ¥560
  • Discount (if any): ***
  • Deposit: ***
  • Balance: ***
  • ETD: ***

The above requirement is a sample of customized order by a client to Morefar Global. Thus, it is a simple process that the buyer follows by mentioning the requirements.

Payment terms:

As most companies follow, the payment terms with Morefar Global remain similar too. It is always 50% deposit before the production, 50% balance before shipment. The delivery time usually takes 30-45 days after the company receives the deposit and the order is confirmed on papers. Most orders are customized as per client requirements so the packing materials may differ from product to product. We will discuss quality check report and process of quality check ahead…

Why are quality and quantity important for furniture brands?

One of the reasons why China has been a leading market in furniture and furnishings is due to the seriousness the country invests in doing business with its clients. The Chinese strongly believe in zero compromises on quantity and quality. Even if you check the SEO ratings for the Chinese furniture brands, you will find the following;

  • European brands stand in the 5th position on the search pages.
  • Shanghai leads and enjoys a first place in any SEO ratings.
  • In the various furniture exhibitions of the world too, Shanghai has ranked either first or second place for the past many years.

*The above is majorly applicable to Ethnicraft search results.

Morefar Global has come a long way to balance the combination of marketing and sales online and shift the offline to online business. In simple terms, it is like the company’s website acts like an online exhibition platform that helps you to virtually see every furniture and furnishing brand from a longer distance. Despite the current challenges in China, people can continue trading online, which is also the current trend.

Quality check process with Morefar Global:

We have a live case sample to share and discuss how the entire process of quality check happens till the time the QC report is generated for the client before shipment takes place.

Morefar Global Quality Check Report for Jaffar Fatemah (Client):

Date: 13th January, 14th January, and 18th January of 2021

Day: Wednesday

Client Name: Jaffar Fatemah

Item: Wardrobe, Furniture

Quality Check Steps:

  • For two days, our quality inspection team visits the warehouse to inspect the goods ordered.
  • Pictures are taken of every product to share with the buyer.
  • All the products are thoroughly checked along with the packing material, measurement, and other details based on the order summary shared with our quality team.
  • Every single order will be packed based on the type of furniture and the material of packing will be chosen accordingly as discussed with the buyer.
  • The total products, cartons, packages, are noted down at the time of shipment.
  • The complete QC report is shared with the buyer before shipment takes place.







How to import furniture from China?

With the help of Morefar Global, buying furniture from China won’t be a challenge anymore. Deals through the company will prove profitable for you.

  • Clients can fill the form online and mention their requirements including the items, quantity, brand preference, budget, and tentative date of shipment.
  • The Morefar Global business managers get in touch with you to confirm your requirements so that they can begin working on the deal for you.
  • Once the order is confirmed, the team researches and lists all the furniture brands that will match the client’s requirements.
  • A whole process of negotiations and mutual agreement begins with the various brands by our company. Before our staff reaches out to the client, we make sure that we have a list of brands with us that are ready to supply goods within the budget mentioned by the client.
  • After the client confirms, the process of selling and delivery takes place as explained before.

Now, that you know we act as the main China furniture sourcing agent for you let’s quickly check out the various benefits of online sourcing furniture from China.

Advantages of dealing with Morefar Global:

  1. High-quality furniture:

With the changing business trend, China is going online for its furniture business too. The customers are benefitted to choose high-quality furniture from a huge range of sellers and suppliers. The Chinese market is vast and it is logical to get confused between choosing the right furniture brand. Only a reputed China furniture sourcing agent can help you filter the huge list and bring the best out to their client. Thus, the search options are filtered as per the budget and requirement of the client that vary from buyer to buyer.

  1. Wide variety of furniture:

Choosing between wide varieties of furniture is now possible with the help of Morefar Global. The increase in the demand for furniture has made it possible for more sellers to come online with their furniture range resulting in more options for the buyers to choose from. This has increased the dependability of online sourcing agents by buyers across the globe.

  1. Cost-effective deal:

The cost of traveling to China will lead to more expenses that also include booking tickets for the exhibition, food, and hotel stay at a convenient location. To add more, the local expenses on travel and leisure cost more. China furniture sourcing agent helps you with all the order formalities and closure of the deal without the need of traveling to the country.

  1. Time-saving business:

The online agents handle everything from receiving the inquiry to the closure of the deal. Thus, the client can focus on the other core business activities. Moreover, Morefar Global takes care of after-sale service as well so that the client is satisfied with the order. Our system has data of all the clients’ order history so that their time and efforts are saved and they don’t have to take the efforts of submitting the same requirements, choosing between the same brands, and completing the basic order formalities.

  1. Economic labor:

The cost of hiring internal labor is saved as you do not need a dedicated staff to handle order requirements, communication with various sellers, and coordination on deals fixed. Thus, your logistics are saved and diverted in other business projects. Our in-house staff does not let you worry about a single thing related to the order and purchase formalities. We help you to complete all the paperwork involved from the time of making the deal to the shipment of the product and clearance of dues.

  1. Competitive comparison:

With the rising number of sellers in furniture brands in China, it is nearly impossible to choose between the best brands based on just one visit to a furniture exhibition. Morefar Global helps you to choose between the best sellers/brands from China right from your office desk. Thus, you take your time to compare the offers and choose the most relevant as per your budget.

  1. Expertise:

Our company has the most efficient staff to cater to your needs and requirements from time to time. Our customer service team ensures that you are fully satisfied with the deal before the shipment takes place from China. We have trained professional staff who understands every single detail of business requirement as we deal with oodles of clients on a day to day basis.

  1. Experience:

Get guided by our experienced marketing professionals and sales team on the market trends. Our experienced professionals will update you on any market changes from time to time and help you be in the loop of all the updates related to the furniture and furnishing market in China. Morefar Global also submits timely reports on the current budget, demand, and supply of furniture in China on a global level.

  1. Credible business:

Being an intermediary in business, our company is more cautious in client relationships as we wish to work long term with our buyers and sellers. We are one of the leading China furniture sourcing agents on whom the clients rely for credible business. Quality and quantity both are equally important to us. Our company believes in no compromise on the order delivery and ensures a smooth relation between buyers and sellers.

  1. Online reviews:

Online reviews are like a lifeline to the e-commerce business. These reviews help us prove our expertise and satisfactory list of clientele whom we have dealt with in the past. The reviews help build trust and credibility in the market for a China furniture sourcing agent like us. Based on the client requirements, we also have sources to present the reviews and credit report of furniture brands based in China. This will help the buyer to take a rational decision on his purchase.


Despite the challenges in the furniture market and other trades with China, Morefar Global has taken all the necessary measures to ensure that purchasing and shipment of goods happen smoothly for our buyers. All the company needs in return is trust and faith in us by the clients. We have buyers from all over the world whom we have happily done business with our company.

Our office is located near China’s major furniture market. Thus, we have sources that are in constant touch with the sellers in China to help us arrange deliveries from China to any part of the world. Get in touch with our efficient team to know more.