We help you :Sourcing furniture from China.

For many years we’ve been specializing in sourcing furniture from China, We focus on collecting China’s reliable furniture suppliers database, including residence, hotel furniture, office furniture, restaurant, bars, shops, events furniture, outdoor furniture, Branded Designer Furniture and decor, etc. . So we can help you source the best-priced furniture with our unique supplier’s resources. And plus our strength discount rate shipping solution worldwide . That ‘s how your Profit with MoreFar Global .

Where we collect the furniture supplier resource ?

1.Foshan furniture markets.

2.Alibaba or other platform .

3.Canton fair or furniture fair CIFF.

4.Visit local Factories .

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We also have Custom made furniture solutions for architects, interior designers, builders, specifiers for residential and commercial spaces .​

Experienced Quality Control ability to help you avoid mistake or quality problem:​

Wedding Furniture Sourcing from China

Are you a wedding planner, organizer or rent furniture for weddings and reception parties?
We can help you source high quality wedding furniture from China at great prices. Morefar Global has a rich database of furniture suppliers and manufacturers. Morefar Global professionals can help you get quotations; negotiate in pricing and selecting the right manufacturer for you. Our team of expert professionals can help you find the furniture you love from various manufacturers. We also provide wedding furniture consolidation services and provide warehousing facilities. Our team is also specialized in quality inspection, packaging and shipping to locations like The United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and more.

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How to import furniture and furnishing from China?

The buying of goods from China is a great chance to save a considerable amount of money, particularly when you have a firm and buy in bulk. You need to learn about a city in China called Foshan if you are finding furniture and furnishing in China for house, office, apartment complex, hotel, restaurant, pub, nightclub, retail stores or whatever you own.Foshan is about 40 km from Guangzhou in southern China. China has more than 3,000 factories at its centre of furniture production. Foshan is where you can purchase interior finishing and decoration materials for any kind of building project, both residential and commercial.

Prices reflect good quality materials and decorative materials from Foshan. Performance issues will not exist if you just work with reputable Chinese manufacturers and vendors. Be mindful that not all showrooms are real plants in shopping centres. Some are only resellers linked to different factories

Sourcing tours by Best furnishing sourcing agent in China

Furnishing and building material  sourcing tour is a perfect opportunity to save time, buy furniture and accessories in only one location – Foshan. The tour includes furniture. Now, instead of weeks and months wandering, it takes 5-10 days in one location. It was never as straightforward as now!

There are over 5000 factories here, Foshan is China’s capital for furniture production. Furnished for the home , office, hotel, restaurant , bar, nightclub. You will find everything you need.

We have close relations with the leading Chinese suppliers for Furnishing and Busilding material for any project you have. If you have a trader, we can ensure you that you will get value for money. 

Foshan building material supplier in China can help you get great deals so that you can please your customers as well as make a lot of money. 

Why is it advisable to import furniture from China?

China is the biggest country from which anyone can import different styles of furniture and furnishings. If you want to buy furniture for your house, business, or even Amazon FBA, then China would be the best place for you. In China, there are more than 50,000 suppliers of furniture and in 2004 it was the biggest exporter of furniture. You can consult a China Furniture sourcing agent and get the best deals on bulk orders. 


Major Furniture and Furnishing markets in Foshan

Don’t be afraid to purchase furniture, furnishings and home decoration in China. And remember that it would be easy to purchase your building material from China if a trustworthy sourcing company allows you to get through the procurement process.  Recently, there has be a a great demand for the best Foshan tile sourcing agent, if you have such requiements then an experienced sourcing agent from Morefar Global will help you.

Foshan furniture centers have many good suppliers and furniture manufacturers in China. For example:

  • China Ceramics Industrial  Headquarters (CCIH)
  • Cihai International Ceramic city
  • Huaxia Ceramic city
  • International Ceramic Exhibition Center
  • China Mosaic City
  • Foshan Hongyi Ceramics City
  • Shiwan Sanitary Ware City
  • Shiwan Zhidi Ceramics Wholesale Market
  • Sunlink Furniture Mall
  • Louvre Furniture Mall
  • Red Star Macalline Mall
  • China Eastern International Furniture City
  • Dongming International Furniture City
  • Nanhua International Furniture City