Differences between Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou is a famous city for clothing production. Lots of clothes are from manufacturers in Guangzhou. So there are many clothing wholesale markets too. In this article, I’d like to introduce four main clothing wholesale business circles in Guangzhou including circles in Shahe, Shi San Hang, markets near Guangzhou Railway Station, and the circle in Shijing and talk about their differences.

Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market can be regarded as the biggest clothing collecting and distributing center. The business hour is short and shops close very early. Almost all suppliers are manufacturers. In this circle, there are famous markets like Wanjia Clothing Wholesale Mall, Shadong International Clothing Wholesale City, and Jinma Clothing Wholesale City. This circle mainly focus on medium and medium-low end quality clothes. If you are hard-working enough, you still can find the clothes in a medium-high end. Generally speaking, clothes here are the cheapest. To follow the fashion trend, the suppliers change the design and model very fast. As I know, many E-commerce sellers and even wholesalers in other clothing markets would come to these markets to purchase those clothes. This is a very busy circle and the roads are full of people hurrying. So the environment is not very good.

Shi San Hang Clothing Wholesale Business Circle is similar to Shahe Circle. It’s also a famous clothing collecting and distributing center but it has the longest history. And those shops close early. There are manufacturers in this circle but some suppliers always go to Shahe to buy clothes to sell. Therefore, clothes from Shahe are more expensive in Shi San Hang. Most clothes are in medium quality and a small amount is in low quality. So the price is not as cheap as the one in Shahe. New China Clothing Building is one of the wholesale markets. If you want to get better quality, don’t go to the first to the third floor of the market. Higher floors have better clothes. There is no doubt that the cost would be higher. Though this circle is busy as well, the environment is better.

There are many clothing markets near Guangzhou Railway Station such as Zhanxi Clothing City, Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market, Hongmian International Fashion City, and Liuhua Clothing Market. The business hour of this circle is longer than Shahe and Shi San Hang. You can find the clothing manufacturers here and even some of them can customize clothes for you based on your design. The quality of clothes is better than Shahe and Shi San Hang as a whole especially the clothes in Guangzhou Baima Clothing Market. It sells lots of top brand clothes. The Korean style of clothes is very popular there. Because of the advantage of the location and better quality, the price is mostly higher. What you should know is that some suppliers buy clothes from Shahe and Shi San Hang, which makes the price higher too. Packages and labels for clothes can be easily found here. The clothes style is changed very fast and early, which helps this circle attract many clients from all over the world. It’s not as busy as the above two circles and it’s cleaner than them.

Shijing Clothing Wholesale Business Circle is the most special one. It is the largest surplus goods wholesale circle in China. You can buy top brand clothes in medium and medium-high quality at a very good price. There are a few markets there named Guangda Clothing City, Jingdong Garment Trade Center, Qingfeng Clothing City, and Guoda Clothing City. Qingfeng market is famous for selling children’s clothes. Some suppliers have a minimum quantity requirement of order while other suppliers can sell even one to you.

If you are a serious wholesaler, I think it’s worthy to go to these four big Clothing Wholesale Circles to do your research and then begin and improve your clothing business. You can also seek help from an experienced Guangzhou sourcing agent who will assist you in finding the right clothes in Guanzhou. It can be an overwhelming experience to find the right cloth in the vast markets. A specialist sourcing agent in Guangzhou can really help you create healthy business relations with the suppliers that will be very beneficial in expanding your business.