How to Choose the perfect Doors & Windows for your Home from China?

There are many kinds of windows and doors making you dazzled and stressful because they are the important elements to finish the home structure. Buying windows and doors from China, what to prepare and which one is the best choice? Honestly, the one that is suitable for you is the best. As Foshan building material souring agent, I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. I have summarized how to buy them step by step and some important points for choosing windows and doors for your reference.

Step one: Get the measurement drawing prepared or CAD file of your house

Step two: Think about the style of the windows and doors you like and can match the tone of your whole house. If you already had the detailed drawing of windows and doors or pictures of them, then you just need to decide the color of them. Professional window supplier and door supplier in China can customize the design for you.

Step three: Choose the opening way if you don’t have detailed drawing

  • For window: there are fixed window, sliding window, awning window, casement window, top hung window, tilt-turn window, pivot window, etc.

Step four: Choose material for windows and doors

  • Window
  • Wooden material: this is suitable for country style or classic style house. But it’s easy to be aging and crack under the rain and the sun and the cost is high.
  • Aluminium material: it’s hard and durable so this is very popular in the market. It won’t get corroded easily in the long time. However, because it’s metal, it can conduct heat or coldness.
  • PVC material: this is composite with antioxidant plastic and metal. So its insulation of heat or coldness is better than normal aluminium material. And it’s cheaper than aluminium so it can be an alternative.
  • Door
  • Aluminium glass door: This is widely used for exterior door and bathroom door. It can be decorated with some grills. And its corrosion resistance makes it durable. But it doesn’t perform very well in insulation.
  • Stainless steel door: this material makes the door flat and strong to be against impact. So it’s normally used as the entrance door or security door. However, this material is very heave so that it’s not easy to move away or install. The cost is high too.
  • Iron door: this is usually used as outdoor gate. Because of this material, it’s flexible to customize any design. With anti-rust technique, it can be used for long time so it’s practical.
  • Wooden door: There are many kinds of wooden doors. Here we just list the ones in better quality. Full solid wood door and composite wood door are comparatively better than others. Full solid wood door is very expensive and it will be crack or warped as time goes by. Composite wood door is cheaper and it includes three kinds: solid wood with particle board door, solid wood with plywood door and solid wood with MDF/HDF door. Among them, plywood one is the best.




Particle Board

Step five: pay attention to our bonus tips

  • For aluminium glass window and door, if thermal-break Aluminium Profile with Insulated Double Cavity-Glass is available, please use this profile. With this profile in the house, you will feel warm in winter and cool in summer and it’s soundproof too. And the profile thickness should be 1.4mm at least. As for the glass, it must be tempered glass.
  • Use high-low track for exterior windows and doors. Installing this track for sliding window and door with hole for drain, water flow out very soon during heavy rainy day.
  • If you want the windows or doors to endure strong pressure when they close, remember to use rubber seal strip and felt strip. Then the windows and doors can keep well in the long run.
  • Use load-bearing pulley for sliding door and it’s abrasion-resistant so it’s more durable than normal pulley.
  • Concealed Stainless Steel Hinge is good option for swing door. This not only makes the door look nicer but also makes it stronger. Moreover, 3mm thick stainless steel hinge can prevent the door drooping. And it’s important to make sure there are 3 hinges at least for the door.
  • As for door surface technique, there are paint free door or paint door. This depends on different requirement. Paint free door formaldehyde is less than paint door and it’s cheaper. Paint Door is waterproof and damp-proof and it’s easy to clean. But we need to be very careful to protect it from scratching.
  • Always choose thicker door for room. If the door is 4.5cm thick, it performs well in insulation for heat and sound.
  • Use solid wood door cover and solid wood door frame. Sometimes it’s unavoidable that we move something and hit the door cover or frame by accident. If the door cover or frame is hollow inside, it will be broken and doesn’t look nice. If it’s solid, it may be scratched and it can be repaired with certain paint.
  • Silent lock is better than normal lock. Quiet surrounding makes life more comfortable.
  • No matter windows or doors, whether they have certificate or certain standard is important to some countries. There are CE, UL, SGS, ROHS, Australian Standard, British Standard, etc. So before we buy windows and doors, we need to figure out what certificate or standard that our country requires first and then find suitable suppliers that can provide those certificate.
  • There are many window and door suppliers in China. Foshan is one of the famous cities making good windows and doors. You can compare which supplier is the best supplier online or can ask Foshan window and door sourcing agent for information as well.


Hope my experience can give you some help and I can be your best China sourcing agent.