Morefar Global sourcing agent help you avoid furniture quality problems/defects before shiping to you

Sourcing and Buying furniture from China is not a simple work. Without a organized Purchase Process ,it will cost you more time and headache to deal with furniture suppliers once problem comes out. With more than 10 years in the furniture sourcing industry in China ,Morefar Global team has a Organized process to Purchase and coordinate with different furniture supplier in China .   What May Happen When you import Furniture from China ?   Here are some problems of furniture you may encounter :   When we check furniture for clients, nothing happen is kind of good news. However, it’s common that furniture comes out with different big or small problems. suppliers are not perfect after all. So what we can do is to admit it and find solution.   What we see at the first sight is the appearance of furniture. It’s affected by the color, shape and details. Let me list those products which have something wrong one by one during the inspection.
  • Color: Normally we will take the color sample to do inspection, which help us recognize better whether the color is what our client ordered. (we also ship the color sample to client oversea)

Solution: It’s easy to see that the chair color is different from the sample color. Then what we do is to ask supplier to offer solutions. Generally, supplier will offer two choices. The first one is to make new one in correct color as what we agreed on the contract. The second one is giving discount to see whether client is happy to accept it. (Therefore, it’s extremely necessary to let supplier to write down the color number with the color picture on the contract before paying deposit so that we still have opportunity to choose what we want. If not, supplier will have thousands of excuses for incorrect color and there is nothing we can do but accept whatever supplier says.)

There is another situation: What if we don’t check the color sample when we place order and the color looks different in real life comparing with the one in catalog? And supplier insists it’s the same color and won’t give discount or replace another new one.

Solution: We negotiate with supplier for client and let them give best price for changing to the color we like. But to prevent this, I strongly suggest client checks the color sample first before placing order, which helps kill the problem from the very beginning.

Shape: As for metal material, the shape may be twisted or not well joined with other parts. For example, from the below picture, the gap between the handle and back of sofa is a bit big.

Solution: The client couldn’t accept it so we asked the supplier to get it repaired. Since the handle board is steel, they took off the leather of the handle part and used tool to make the steel board straight and flat. And this problem has been solved.

  • Details show defect: Because of imperfect workmanship or worker’s carelessness, there are many kinds of defects on products from our inspection experience.

Wrinkles: The picture below is part of the bed. There are some wrinkles at the corner. It’s because the worker didn’t care much about it when they finished covering.

Solution: The supplier usually use electric iron to make it as flat and smooth as possible or cut the stitches and cover the board and foam with that fabric again.
② Scratched Mark: When the products stay at the factory, they may be bumped by accident so it’s scratched. And supplier doesn’t mind at all and deliver it.

Solution: There are painting pens with many different colors for repairing furniture as above picture. Some suppliers don’t know about this. So we can ask them to choose the closest color to apply to the scratched mark.
③ Leather Peeled:

Solution: Ask supplier to send professional furniture master to come to fix. Because the leather color is not standard, we should ask master to mix the painting colors, make it as close to the leather color as possible and use tools to let it dry in short time.
④ Welding Spot: Below is stainless steel coffee table with transparent glass top. We can see the welding spot through the glass.

Solution: We change the transparent glass to black glass or white glass for free. There is marble option too but we need to pay extra to replace glass with marble.

Above are some examples showing how they can be fixed when time permits. However, some defects cannot be repaired or we don’t have enough time to wait for repair because we may load the container soon. In this case, if the defect is just a small spot, we can ask supplier to give discount. All good suppliers we deal with would like to accept this request because they want to have long-term good relationship with us and hope to get more order from us. But if the defect is too big or is definitely unacceptable, we ask them to take it back and we get refund.

It seems easy to let suppliers to repair or give discount or refund. Actually, not at all. Not all suppliers are good suppliers. So there is one important key to be mentioned. Before we check all products, we must keep the balance. Don’t pay balance until we are satisfied with them. So we won’t be in passive situation while negotiating with suppliers.

Everyone like you and I won’t accept rubbish products. Do quality inspection and always grasp our bargaining chip, then we can stay at home looking forward to products’ arrival at ease.

Our team in MorefarGlobal furniture sourcing China will help you avoid those problems ,Please feel free to Contact us for your furniture shopping advise .Thank you ,love you all.

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