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What is 

Jack Ma founded the 1688 website in 1999, which focused on wholesale and purchasing operations to improve the customer experience and business model of enterprise e-commerce through specialized operations. 1688 has covered raw materials, industrial products, clothing, household department stores, small commodities and other 16 industry categories, providing from raw materials procurement-production and processing-spot wholesale and a series of supply services.

1688 initially acted as a forum for sellers to source e-commerce goods in China, primarily for Taobao and JD. Now that more and more Chinese sellers are beginning to sell goods on Amazon, eBay 1688 is also the main website for Chinese sellers of Amazon\eBay products. 

Benefits of product sourcing from

Easy access to the manufacturers

Since it is difficult for local Chinese manufacturers to market their products in English, thus they prefer to sell on Chinese platforms like 1688. Even though, you nay think that you are purchasing from Chinese manufacturers on Alibaba, but let us warn you, that you are not. The businesses listed on Alibaba are mostly traders. But on 1688 you can reach the manufacturer easily. 

Wholesale of products

1688 is not the model of B2C or C2C, it is the model of wholesale. And unlike Alibaba, which focuses more and more on production capacity, 1688 focuses more on goods. And most of the time, the demo unit MOQ on 1688 is just 1, but on Alibaba, you always have a certain volume to request a demo.

Is a suitable place for product procurement from China?

You cannot imagine the profitability until you have made the purchases once. But the issue is how a person sitting in UK, US or Australia be able to understand Chinese, strike a relationship with manufacturer or how will he be able to find the perfect product among the sea of infinite products? 

The answer is seeking help of a seasoned 1688 sourcing agent in China that can help you the right product from Make sure that you hire the right sourcing agent who has expereince souring from the website in question. 

Here, we can be help as well, as Morefar Global has a history of sourcing products from We have many clients who are already reaping the benefits of high margin and procurement of top quality products. 

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