Shipping Solutions

Working as a shipping agent in Foshan China for many years and years of international trade and transportation, we have learned about various of international transportation channels.


We will introduce for you by Air,Sea and Land transportation:


First of all, air transportation is the most time-efficient way of transportation, and there are several kinds of air transportation.


  1. They are four major international express companies of the air transportation: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT . They need about 3-7 days. They’ll send it to your home, door to door. Of course, Buyers need to pay the corresponding value of the goods corresponding to the customs duties and taxes.

Another thing to note is that, If the volume of the goods is large, Then the express company will calculate volume weight according to the volume of the goods. The calculation is as follows: lenght*width*height (cm)/5000=kg .For example:if you want to ship a Doll toy,which is 1.5kg weight , while you package it into a box , length 50cm,Width :40cm and Height is 30cm . So it is Calculated as follows : 50*40*30/5000=12kg .


  1. There are also special line logistics to certain countries. Such as special line logistics aramexto the Middle East countries. These lines will be cheaper than DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT. But only in certain countries.


  1. There are also China post EMS.(Of course,china post have china post air mail , China post by sea ,China post SAL, We’ll talk about that later)

China Post EMS is don’t have to calculate the volume weight. But there is a maximum size limit. It is generally not more than 20kg-30kg per order. Standard 1: The size of either side shall not exceed 1.5m, The combined length and width shall not exceed 3m.( Postal services, Special countries have different size requirements)

  1. Another way of air transport is to the airport,Then the buyer goes to the airport to clear customs and taking goods.( Destination clearance can also arrange delivery by lorry to the buyer’s home, The buyer only needs to pay the corresponding fee) This channel is cheaper, Suitable for goods above 300kg in weight .


  1. The third way of air transportation is baggage, Because the airlines will provide passengers with free 20-30 kg heavy luggage,Then we can take advantage of the weight of passengers with less luggage for transportation.( This approach is limited to some countries in Africa)


  1. The weight limit for small package by air is less than 2kg .You don’t have to calculate the volume, they need 15-35days. The price is cheaper than DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT . Suitable for cross-border e-commerce or drop shipping.


Sea shipping: The most common way is LCL and FCL.

  1. LCL =Less container Loading. When you don’t have enough goods to fill a container, Then transport to the port of destination. The customer will contact the agent at the destination port for customs clearance, then arrange your own delivery to the door. This way of transportation is called LCL +CFR(cost and freight). So there’s another one is LCL +DDU(door to door tax unpaid) OR LCL+DDP(Door to Door tax Paid), A way of transportation in which the shipper is responsible for delivery to the door. The recommended quantity of LCL is 2-10cbm. It will be cost-effective. FCL is recommended if the goods exceed 15cbm.

PS: Many countries in southeast Asia are suitable for LCL+DDP, This way is more affordable.


2. FCL is Full Container Loading, usually to the port of destination, and then Customer contact local agent for customs clearance and sent. There are also two ways of FCL, DDU and DDP.( Generally not recommended to the door, Because it will be more expensive than the buyer to clear the customs)


  1. In addition, there are China Post parcel by sea. This way is to the door, No customs clearance fee is required.Package weight limit: 20kg/bill. This way is economical and much cheaper than air express. For only 20kg-100kg, the buyer who is not urgent to the time can choose this kind of transportation.


  1. special line by sea(including customs clearance including tax paid ): it is by sea+delivery(DDP).Generally, UPS and FedEx will pick up the goods and deliver them after they arrive at the port by sea. This method is suitable for cross-border e-commerce sellers like amazon to transport to overseas warehouses(FBA=Fullfill by Amazon).

Also suitable for the quantity of 1-3cbm goods buyers. This way, easy to operate, without their own customs clearance, without their own customs duties.


Land transportation.

Land transportation includes rail transportation and automobile transportation. China-europe express train to the EU. Covered countries are: Germany, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Czech republic. They are all by train door to door tax paid. UPS picks up and delivers. The duration is 25-40 days. It is suggested that the weight of the goods should be 100-300kg, which is more suitable.  If there is more quantity, we suggest sea transportation.


Automobile transportation, especially for China’s neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia and so on, is more suitable for automobile transportation, faster than sea transportation, and very cheap. door to door service,no need custom tax.(DDP)

As for the goods, we have solutions from 1kg to 100 tons, For example, oversized goods, over the container size, So at this point, we need to use the super large goods transportation mode, directly by ship, rather than put in the container.

We also have channels for sensitive goods such as chemicals, batteries, etc.

We have shipping solution for anti-dumping products .

We also have solutions for imitation brand products.

We will provide you with different plans according to your needs.

In a word, We are your  shipping and Trading solution Provider !