How to Source Product from China during Covid-19

In 2020, the sudden outbreak has struck the world, and the economy, politics, culture, social life and development of all countries have been affected to varying degrees. Nowadays, China has not yet been able to allow foreign customers into the country for business. Therefore, sourcing can be assisted via the network and a trustworthy Sourcing … Read more

A Guide to Sourcing products from Guangzhou

This guide includes a comprehensive overview of the best 10 wholesale marketplaces in Guangzhou for jewellery, apparel, bags & luggage, textiles, furniture, building materials, and more. This guide will also go over some of the most important things to think about while conducting business in the wholesale marketplaces of Guangzhou. We will also share a … Read more

How to choose the right sourcing agent ? Must read

Hello,everyone .To those new start-up business friends and small online sellers or offline wholesalers, sourcing products from China and particularly Guangzhou is not easy unless they have enough resources and enough time to compare different suppliers and products and communicate with them. Actually, it is kind of headache for sellers. That’s why people need sourcing … Read more

Differences between Guangzhou Clothing Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou is a famous city for clothing production. Lots of clothes are from manufacturers in Guangzhou. So there are many clothing wholesale markets too. In this article, I’d like to introduce four main clothing wholesale business circles in Guangzhou including circles in Shahe, Shi San Hang, markets near Guangzhou Railway Station, and the circle in … Read more