Top 3 ways of checking reliablity of a China Sourcing agent in 2022

If you are running a business that requires you to source products from China, then this blog will help you find the right China sourcing agent.

First way: A good China sourcing agent must be a company, not an individual. On one hand, the Chinese government officially recorded a company, and it has a business license. Its financial status is checked by the government too, which means the company has much more economic strength to provide good service or face emergency while individuals can disappear quickly and sellers cannot find them. On the other hand, the company has more resources than individuals. The company has a bigger database of clients and suppliers. They have a better understanding of foreign markets and know that product sells well so that it can recommend enough good products for sellers.

Question: How to check if they have a company?

You need to check their company register license, of course also check the date their company was founded. The longer time they have been in the market, the better.

2nd way: you must check their credit

This is the most important thing. Especially in the pandemic of covid-19, foreigners can’t come to China. So everything you can dealing is on the internet, online. So you have to check what is the agent you are dealing with, can I trust them?


Question: How to check your credit or reputation?

We can tell you that this is the key to this question:
1. Check if they have their clients from your country, and ask the china sourcing agent to provide their contact information for you to ask how is their experience working with this sourcing agent in China.
2. Checking their Facebook, and daily post, or their website. If they have a lot of real pictures or videos of how their daily work, that will be good.
3. Check if they have any big buyers?
4. Call them or have a zoom meeting with their team. You can feel if it is a good china sourcing agent or not.

3rd way: checking their sourcing ability

The China sourcing agent should have enough experience in sourcing. The agent who has more than ten years’ experience is much more trustworthy and resourceful than the agent who has just three years of experience. An experienced sourcing agent has gone through many situations, so the agent can handle problems very smoothly. Sellers won’t feel worried about working with that agent. As for the supplier database, the more years the agent works in sourcing, the much richer the supplier database the agent absolutely has.

How to check it?

Compare 2 agents or more, give them a task. And see how is their work. And check the price they can get for you. Also, check their file if it is organized.

Anyway, there is more good experience to share with you regarding sourcing tips from China, please contact us. Team Morefar Global

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