2022 Luxurious Event New Style Furniture and Decoration Items

Having a luxurious event is an expression of people’s desire to ceremony recording their important and meaningful moment. Therefore, they are eager for perfect event. They want it to be special, impressive and unforgettable. To achieve this intention, the host would always rack their mind to plan for the event based on different theme. Furthermore, a fabulous luxury event needs smooth process and surprised content. These are like “software”. What also matters a lot is the “hardware” which includes event furniture, decorative items, etc. In addition, these should be the latest, catching up with the trend. Here are some new stylish items shared.


There are stainless steel tables and chair, metal chairs, plastic transparent tables and chairs, solid wood tables and chairs, fabric sofa. Among these furniture, ghost chair wishbone chair, and louis chairs are very famous. People gather together spending most of the time and sitting around the table to enjoy the event. So those furniture should be comfortable enough and look nice. And normally those furniture will be used many times so they must be durable in good quality.

Cover and Cushion for Table and Chair

With cover, you can change the style of the table and chair based on different theme. And it helps prevent table and chair from damage. If it’s dirty, it can be cleaned and used for many events later.


Right dinnerware makes great difference for the event. There are main plate, dessert plate, soup bowl, salad bowl, charger plate, flatware/cutlery. They are in fancy design, simple design, retro design made of porcelain, stone, glass, etc. Nice dinnerware makes food more delicious and brings joy to hosts and guests.

Artificial Flowers and Plant

Flowers and plants are also necessary elements for the events. Different color and different type of artificial flowers and plants have different meaning. They help create the atmosphere of the event.

Artificial Flowers and Plant

Candle holder with candle inside is another element to decorate the event site adding glow to the space. There are pillar candle holder, votive candle holder, taper candle holder, etc. They can be made of glass, metal, wood and ceramic in various shape.

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