A Complete Guidance of Getting COC for Building Material and Furniture when you Import from China to Cote d’lvoire

Today, we will share a case study of how we exported Building material and Furniture from China to Cote d’Ivoire. To start with, we will introduce you to some basic facts.

COC is a Certificate of Conformity, which is a must when you import from China to Cote d’Ivoire. As an experienced China Product sourcing agent, I want to share the guidance of getting COC with you.

Step one: prepare a proforma invoice for building material and furniture. All documents will be finished based on the proforma invoice. So it’s very important to get it well prepared.



Step two: Send the proforma invoice to the agent in Cote d’Ivoire to make an FDI document. If it’s ready, it is better not to change the information again because it will lower the efficiency. Here is a bonus for you. If the quantity of building material and furniture in the container is less than the quantity on the invoice and FDI, you don’t have to amend the FDI but the invoice should be amended. In other words, the quantity in the container cannot be more than the quantity on the FDI.

Step three: Ask suppliers to send real and clear pictures without any embellishing of the building material and furniture or other products that you ordered and keep them in the file.





Step four: Ask suppliers to provide packing information in detail and prepare a packing list consistent with the proforma invoice.

Step five: prepare labels in silver color in English version and French version for each building material and furniture or other products that you ordered. The label should show shipper information, model number of product, brand name, specification of product, packing details and “made in China”. After they are ready, you can send to different suppliers to help you stick it on each product and package or you can stick on your own but it takes so much time. For some products, you may also need to stamp “made in China” on each product and package.



Step six: send proforma invoice, packing list, real pictures without embellishing of products and FDI to the institution, gather all building material, furniture and other decoration that you ordered at warehouse and they will arrange staff to check the goods. If there is no problem, the COC will be ready in about one week.

There are 2 tips for you. The first one is taking good care of and being nice to that staff who come to check the goods. He will give you good advice and improve the efficiency of whole process. Tip number two is finding a professional and experienced sourcing agent to do all steps for you so that you won’t feel anxious and stressful any more.

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