One-stop house building material sourcing Agent service

Morefar Global provides one-stop whole house materials sourcing service. Help you source the furniture and building material suppliers in China. Coordinate with different suppliers, negotiations, inspection, and offer cost-effective shipping solutions worldwide!

Building materials we can source for you from China

We at Morefar Global are helping contractors, architects, interior designers, construction companies, and people who want to build or renovate their homes.

We source high-quality building material that adheres to international standards to be sourced from China. Construction materials from China has never been so effortless, just speak our sourcing experts and they will help you finalise the suppliers, negotiate pricing and also help you ship to your country. 

Morefar Global offers a one-stop solution for full house building materials and furnishings. You will get lower prices than self-sourcing because of our tie-ups with leading suppliers and manufacturers in China.

We also provide excellent QA and shipping globally.

Consult us today and source these fantastic products.

How to import whole house building material from China?

The process to get your full house building material without visiting China.

As now you can not come to China. The process of your furnishing will be: 

1. You send me what item you may need, and some rough idea design pictures.
2. We will send you many many catalogs to choose from different suppliers. 

Here is an example of Catalogs: you can download them by clicking the button below: 

3. We discuss every detail for you and some important supplier we will set up a group together, you will talk to them directly .
4. Before you place the orders, we help you double confirm the color, size, material. And help you make summarize details together .
5. Confirm the orders, and you can send us the deposit. We help you pay for different suppliers, or you can send two different suppliers directly .

6. We collect the goods from our warehouse and do the QC report for you. If problem, we solve it before shipping it to you. at the same time we help you pay the balance to the suppliers.

7. Arrange Documents and shipping.
8. Help coordinate after sales service.

If you can read this process first, the below article will help you to have an idea of which items are a priority. 

Guidance of whole/full house/home building material furniture /furnishing Shopping/sourcing in China

Thank you !