FAQ’s on Importing Building Material and Furniture from China to Cote d’lvoire

It is known to all, China’s stable production capacity supply, good quality product and low cost have attracted many people from all over the world to purchase products for their home including building material, furniture and soft decoration like lighting. And having clear idea of whole process is the key to proceed the procurement. I would like to use a Cote d’lvoire case to clarify how to import products from China by answering questions.

Q1: Should I go to China to buy building material and furniture in person?

It depends on your preference and the situation of the world status. If you would like to see the product and touch the material to feel the quality, you can come to China and go to different markets in person. But what if you cannot come because of the world situation? There is big issue happening in the whole world these days called 2019-nCoV. People won’t be able to travel around. So in this case, you have to find a good reliable sourcing agent to help you go on your procurement “trip”.

Q2: Where Can I check and buy the building material and furniture?

Foshan is famous for furniture and full house building material sourcing in China. There are different markets selling tiles, windows, doors, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and furniture. If you won’t be able to come like my Cote d’lvoire client, you can ask your experienced sourcing agent to send you catalogue of different products. Then you can choose favourite ones and ask for price. If you also need to check the quality, you can ask your sourcing agent to get samples and take enough photos or videos for you or even send them to you.

Q3: What should I prepare for the purchase of building material and furniture?

For tiles which determine the tone of your house, you have to figure out the size and quantity you need. As for windows and doors, it’s necessary to provide wall to wall size. If it’s with computer drawing, that will be better. And for the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe, it’s more complicated. You should send front view, side view and vertical view of CAD size drawing. After you pick the material and color, the supplier will send you quotation with 2D and 3D drawing for you to confirm.

Q4: How to pay deposit and balance?

If you come to China in person, you can pay the deposit with cash. After the building material and furniture are ready, you can sent balance to your sourcing agent to help you pay those suppliers because many suppliers in markets only accept Chinese currency. If you are not in China, you can pay deposit and balance to sourcing agent. Sourcing agent helps you check the order invoice or receipt and pay for you. There is one important point to be noted. Some countries are sensitive to send payment. Cote d’lvoire is under sanction so it is more complicated if you send payment from Cote d’lvoire. It will be helpful if you can pay from other normal countries or UNFCU. Professional sourcing agent will also give you advice.

Q5: What documents should be prepared for importing building material and furniture?

  • Bill of Lading: this is same document required by other countries and provided by carrier
  • Product Invoice: this is provided by shipper. If you have sourcing agent, the agent will be the shipper
  • Ocean Freight Invoice: this is special document needed by Cote d’lvoire government for BSC.


It’s provided by carrier.

  • Packing List: this is provided by shipper. If you have sourcing agent, the agent will be the shipper
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Export Declaration: If you import from China, this document will be in Chinese.


  • FDI: this is prepared by the agent in Cote d’lvoire and you need to get product invoice ready. We can also recommend the agent to you.


  • COC: this certificate will be ready after complicated process. It is issued by SGS.


That institution needs product invoice, packing list, real pictures without embellishing of products and FDI. After that, they will arrange staff to check all products. If there is no problem, you can get the COC in about one week.

Before the staff comes to check the products, you are also required to prepare labels in silver color for each products and stick it on each building material, furniture or other products. The label should show shipper information, model number of product, brand name, specification of product, package information and “made in China”.


If you have sourcing agent, they can do it for you so you won’t feel headache and stressful. And there is one tip for you. Being kind and taking good care of the staff who come to check products will make difference. They will advice what to do to help improve efficiency of the whole process.

  • Insurance: You can buy in China or in Cote d’lvoire
  • BSC: You can get this from Chinese agent or the agent in Cote d’lvoire if you have all documents above

Q6: How to check those building material and furniture when they are ready to ship?

You can ask your suppliers to send pictures and videos of each products. If you still feel worried, just ask sourcing agent to do QC for you. They can be your eye in China.

If you have any queries regarding importing furniture or building material, you can contact the best product sourcing agent in China at MoreFar Global.