How to Customize Garment in China and sell it in your country?

Garment can be regarded as an important and amazing tool for shaping people’s bodies, decorating them, and showing their personality. The population of the whole world is undoubtedly big and people wear clothes every day and always follow the world’s trend. So there is a great market and demand for clothes especially brand new model ones. If you are or have a good designer, it’s the best idea to customize the clothes that you or your designer design and sell them to people. Having some experience in this field, I would like to share three tips for customizing garments at a good price in Guangzhou.

First of all, get fabric and accessories in fabric markets. There are a few fabric markets in Guangzhou. Among them, the Zhongda fabric market is the most famous one. It’s really big and has countless fabric and garment accessories. Along two sides of the main street, different buildings with thousands of suppliers are busy selling their fabric and accessories. Before coming to this market, you must have the idea of the material of the fabric that you want for your garment. The material of cotton, linen, polyester, natural silk, artificial silk, wool-blended fabrics, and so on are everywhere in the market. And accessories are mainly in the building named Zhongda Accessories Market and Guangzhou Changjiang International Fabric City. You can find a decorative border, zipper, button, and fabric tape there. Don’t forget to take the fabric and accessories samples that you choose and markdown suppliers’ contact and the price at the same time.

Secondly, find good garment manufacturers. Many garment wholesale markets are located near Guangzhou Railway Station such as Guangzhou Liuhua Garment Wholesale market, Diyidadao Garment Wholesale Market which is underground, Tianma Garment Wholesale Market, Zhanxi Garment Wholesale Mall, Fuli Foreign Trade Garment Wholesale Market, Baima Garment Wholesale Market, Jindu Garment Wholesale Building, etc. In those markets, many suppliers can design and make your garment. You can have a look at their clothes in the shop, check the design and finish, and find out what technique they are good at. Then you will know whether they can make your garment to be exactly the ones you want in good quality or not. Different manufacturers are good at different types of clothes. So you may have more than two manufacturers to customize your clothes.

Thirdly, lay great stress on details. Before bulk production, making the sample is the first step. Except for talking details of the clothes with suppliers, you must prepare paperwork for details as well. There are different parts of the clothes including neckline, chest, sleeves, waist, hip part, leg part, edge, lining, seam, and finishing. Having the design drawing on hand, you need to clarify measurements and what fabric of each part too. Besides, where to put the accessories and what accessories to put are necessary to be told. At this moment, you can give them contacts of fabric and accessories suppliers and model numbers of fabric and accessories that you like in those markets. So they can purchase for you. Take making a trapeze dress as an example. Based on the design drawing, you should let them know what kind of neckline, V-neckline or round neckline, bust cup details, with tight or loose waist, the shape of the hip part, what kind of dress bottom edge, measurements between each part and the total length of the whole dress, with or without lining, where to put accessories and what fabric to be applied. When the sample is ready, it’s time to let your model have a try. After that, you can leave your fitting comments to your manufacturers because you may need to adjust something of the sample. If all details are confirmed and no problem with the sample, then you can ask the manufacturers to arrange bulk production.

The whole process of customizing your dream garment is not easy. Great success is not from an easy beginning. After spending enough time working hard, you will experience this process smoothly. I hope my sharing can give a little help to start or improve your business. Once the garments are produced you can contact the Best China Dropshipping agent and ask them to have a quality check and send it to wherever you are located. It is impossible to do everything yourself and a sourcing agent can help you with this step.