How to Source Product from China during Covid-19

In 2020, the sudden outbreak has struck the world, and the economy, politics, culture, social life and development of all countries have been affected to varying degrees. Nowadays, China has not yet been able to allow foreign customers into the country for business.

Therefore, sourcing can be assisted via the network and a trustworthy Sourcing Agent.

Through the Internet such as Alibaba, Made in China, Google search products, etc., the following steps can help you avoid a lot of mistakes. Since now you are not able to come to China, the process of your sourcing will be:

  1. You can send us the item you need, and some rough idea design pictures. 
  2. We will send you electronic catalogs to choose different suppliers.
  3. We will discuss every detail with you, and we will also set up a group with the important suppliers so that you can talk to them directly.
  4. Before you place the order, we will help you double confirm the color, size, material and so on. We will summarize all the details in the order.


For example, especially the color. Different shooting devices, angles and rays result in a color difference in the photo. Since you can not see it on the spot, so we pay special attention to point: color.

If do the standard custom, we can use RAL international standard color card.

Some of the pictures in the product catalogue are much different from the actual product. Let’s see this comparison as follows:

Picture shown in catalogue:

Actual product:

Picture shown in catalogue:

Actual product:

Picture shown in catalogue:

Actual product:

Picture shown in catalogue:

Actual product:

In addition: discussion of order details by video conferencing can also be more intuitive and accurate to see the product.


  1. We will confirm the orders with final details by E-mail (help you follow up the production according the final invoice, and you send us the deposit then we help you pay to different suppliers, or you can send them directly.
  2. We collect the goods to our warehouse and do QC report for you. If there has a problem, we will solve it before ship to you.

At the same time, we help you pay the balance to the suppliers or you can send balance directly to suppliers.

  1. Finally, arrange loading container and shipping. We also have good arrangements while loading the container. The following is a video about our loading container.
  1. After-sales service is also included in our service.

MoreFar Global’s knowledgeable and highly experienced staff will supply you with the right item you are searching for in seconds. and they are aware of the best approaches and vendors that can assist.

Over the years Morefar Global has worked with multiple Guangzhou manufacturers and suppliers. The team at Morefar Global also visits Guangzhou Fairs and expos and can source affordable Product for you, cheaper than Alibaba. The best part is that Morefar Global Guangzhou warehouse where all the product consolidation takes place is located in the Guangzhou center area and they have Foshan warehouse located near the Foshan Furniture market, 

Services we provide:

  • Source Product from Guangzhou wholesale markets, Guangzhou expo . Guangzhou building factories/manufacturers, and suppliers in China.
  • Catalog collection/Free newest catalog on demand
  • Quality inspection services/QC report
  • Full house building material and furnishings shopping guidance and consultant
  • Negotiate prices with the help of experienced Guangzhou sourcing agent who have procurement skills, who are familiar with cost-structure of various products.
  • Organized Warehousing for your products
  • Consolidated shipping
  • Shipping solutions with discounted rates
  • After-sales services and support

You can trust Morefar Global and source products from Guangzhou from various wholesale markets, expos, fairs and manufacturers. Our team is moe than capable to guide you through the process. Contact today and boost your business. 

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