Process of your furniture sourcing from China

**Remote Work Procedure:**

1. **Initial Consultation and Quotation:**
– Send us your design project or a description of the desired style along with a list of items you need.
– We will provide you with a preliminary quotation for the positions in your project.and also an estimate shipping cost .
– Once you’re satisfied with the choices and prices, and ready to proceed, we’ll proceed to the next steps.
– A contract will be signed, and we’ll require a deposit of $100 from you.

2. **Project Management and Detailed Quotation:**
– Upon receiving the deposit, we’ll assign a dedicated manager to oversee your project.
– Our manager will provide you with a detailed quotation and prepare necessary specifications.
– You’ll receive photos and videos of the items to aid your decision-making process.

3. **Furnishing Process:**
– Start by sharing the items you require and rough design ideas with us.
– We will present you with a wide range of catalogs from various suppliers to choose from.
– Through detailed discussions, we’ll address every aspect of your project.
– For key suppliers, we’ll facilitate direct communication between you and them.

4. **Order Confirmation and Details Review:**
– Before finalizing orders, we’ll assist you in confirming color, size, and material specifications.
– We’ll collaborate to ensure all order details are accurately summarized.
– Additionally, our expertise empowers us to engage in negotiation on your behalf, considering our profound understanding of product cost structures.

5. **Order Confirmation and Deposit:**
– Once all details are confirmed, you can place the orders.
– Send us the required deposit, and we’ll manage payments to the different suppliers.

6. **Goods Collection and Quality Control:**
– We’ll gather the ordered goods in our warehouse.
– Rigorous quality control will be conducted, and any issues will be resolved before shipping.

7. **Balance Settlement and Shipping:**
– As quality control is completed, we’ll arrange payment of the balance to the suppliers.
– We’ll coordinate the shipping process to ensure timely delivery.

8. **After Sales Support:**
– We’re committed to assisting you with any question or support needs.

By implementing a more efficient and optimized approach to this process, our primary objective is to enhance and simplify your experience with remote furnishing. By partnering with a dedicated China Furniture Sourcing Agent, we are committed to revolutionizing the way you furnish your space from afar.

Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary complexities and streamline every step of the procedure, ensuring that your journey towards creating the perfect living or working environment becomes a seamless and hassle-free endeavor. With the expertise and resources of our specialized team, we have meticulously designed this new approach to cater to your specific needs, making the entire process not only smoother but also more time-effective.