Shipping cost to Brunei and shipping solution From China

The shipping cost is 3 parts.

A . From local China to the China departure port: trucking fee, loading fee, customs fee, documents fee, port handling fee, fumigation fee( if it is required)

  1. From china port to the destination port ocean coast. The ocean coast will change every week.
  2. The designation port clearance and tariff and delivery cost to the end-user’s address. And then the buyer should handle it with an agent to help from the destination port customs clearance and delivery to the buyer’s address.

You can Simply assume that: A=FOB price. A+B= CFR . A+B+C= DAP.

Trade Terms /Price Terms: EXW(ex-works), DAP(delivered at place), FOB(free on board), CFR(cost and freight), CIF(cost insurance and freight)DDP(delivered duty paid)

Here in Brunei, We have 3 ways of shipping solutions.

NO.1  The Formal trading way:

The exporter ship the container to Port: BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, and the importer do the clearance with Brunei custom and handles delivery to the final address.

This is a Formal trading way, the buyer should have a good clearance agent in Brunei, and you need to get a full container.

As an experienced sourcing agent in China, we have shipping solutions worldwide, we also can recommend you a clearance agent there in Brunei.


NO.2 Door to Door Tax and Duty paid Way

DDP, this way you can start with a few CBM (the volume /size of the goods, CBM=cube meters).

So you don’t need to order a full container of goods. This way is good for a small amount of goods, good for startup companies and the importer just wait at home to get the goods delivered. Of course, this way will be expensive.

NO.3  A special way of DDP. (Lower cost way)

This is a cheaper way of “a kind of DDP” and you can ship a few CBM to start.

Because Brunei is next to Malaysia, and Brunei is lacking big port for a big boat, so the shipping cost to Malaysia is much cheaper than Brunei. So we can ship to Malaysia Limbang town, this town is near Brunei, and Malaysia goods to Brunei is Free Duty, and because Malaysia car can not go into Brunei, So the buyer from Brunei can drive his truck or hire a Truck to Limbang and pick up the goods . (buyer should apply the goods list to Brunei custom and it is easily our company Morefar Global can help to settle it)

Please feel to contact us if you are looking for the best china shipping agent for shipping products to Brunei. Thank you.