The best way to start your Amazon business in 2021 – A step by step Guide

Nowadays, people all over the world like shopping on Amazon. The impact of COVID-19 has given rise to online shopping.


So how do you start your own Amazon business?

Amazon has different sites in different countries, for example, the United States, North America, Europe, Germany, India, Japan, etc. If you are a local citizen of the country on the site, it’s very easy for you to register for an Amazon store.

Since you have your local tax number, local bank card, and local address, it is not difficult to start your Amazon store.

Then there is the question of how to choose the products. It is well known that the most competitive products in the world are from China.

So how do you choose your products at the beginning?

We suggest that you use a sourcing agent.

A good China sourcing company can help you find the products you want quickly and establish your supply chain in China.

You are suggested to rely on a sourcing agent.

A good sourcing agent can give you professional advice on products, assist you to find the products quickly, and help establish your supply chain in China.

They have big data to help you figure out what sells well and what has less competition.


Please see the following picture:

For example, in the category of “Home” and “Garden”, we can use big data to help you analyze which product is in high demand and in low competition.

You can see the data about different countries.


We also have hotsearch, like google trend.


Do you also use Google trends to know which is more “hot search”?

What else can a sourcing agent do for you?

  1. They can help you find the best price for a product.

Please see the following picture (the price on Amazon) and the price of sourcing in China.


  1. They can help you with transportation, they know the cheapest transportation solutions, such as rail transportation to Europe, and sea transportation to US door to door with tax-paid, etc. They know the labeling and warehouse entry of FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).
  2. They can help you do drop shipping at the initial stage of your store so that you do not need to invest a lot of money to buy inventory in the FBA warehouse. When you receive an order, they will deliver the goods to your buyer— end user.

In conclusion, a product sourcing agent in China can help you save a lot of money, and you can also get professional advice from them. Good luck with your Amazon store!

Next update, we will guide you from product selection, Supplier Identification, FBA, Dropshipping, International Payment … contact us for free advice.