Top 13 Guangzhou Wholesale Market in 2021

If you are into the business of importing, then China must be your favorite choice. In the country, the Guangzhou Wholesale Market is very popular. It fulfils the purpose of various businesses based in other countries like India, Canada, the United States and others by offering wholesale products such as car parts, electronics, mobiles, and others. From the Guangzhou Wholesale Market, you can import various products of assorted industries such as beauty & cosmetics, garment, glass, leather, toys and gifts.


For those who are looking to import products from China for reselling purposes, we are mentioning the Top 10 Guangzhou Wholesale Market in 2021.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Antique and Jade

Antique and jade are very popular items that are demanded everywhere in the world. Their presence is very important in jewelry and without them, they are incomplete. Xiguan Antique City, Hualin Street, and Yuansheng Crafts Market are the 3 most important Guangzhou Wholesale Markets for Antique and Jade.

Xiguan Antique City


(I) Xiguan Antique City: It is based in Liwan District and very popular among the masses. Spread across a 500-meter long street, it is the only market, which is approved by cultural relic management departments. It has nearly 100 stores on each side of the street.


  • Antiques available in the Xiguan Antique City are original as well as duplicate.
  • Products available are old pottery, porcelain, writing brush, ink stick, ink slab, paper, and jade articles.
Hualin Street

(II) Hualin Street: It is located on Xia-jiu Lu and has over 80% of Guangzhou’s dealers of jade articles. Furthermore, it has more than 90% of the total trading volume in Guangzhou. It is important to know that more than RMB100 million is the annual business volume of Hualin Street.


  • Heterogeneous types of jade articles that have marvellous workmanship and intermediate prices.
  • Hualin Building is newly built on Hualin Street and is the biggest indoor jade market.
  • Guangdong Bullion & Jewelry Inspection Centre is also present on the street, which ensures that customers do not buy fake jade articles.
Yuansheng Crafts Market

(III) Yuansheng Crafts Market: It is located on Yuansheng Street in Daihe Lu. It has nearly 1000 stores on each side of a 1000-meter long street, which is acknowledged as the craft’s largest collecting and distributing center.

  • Architects of traditional Xiguan style are available here.
  • This is a craft market, which deals in pottery, porcelain and jade.
  • For antiques and antique imitation crafts, it is the biggest exchange market between Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Beauty & Cosmetic


When it comes to the cosmetics beauty products market in China, then Guangzhou Wholesale Market is the only option. It accounts for over 40% of annual transactions in this segment.

(I) Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Centre: Based at Guang Yuan West Road, this centre hosts over 400 cosmetic factories that are not just famous but also have an international presence. The major product categories available at this Guangzhou Wholesale Market are:


  • Beauty Appliances & Accessories
  • Beauty Salon Accessories & Equipment
  • Cosmetics & Skin Care Products
  • Cosmetic Packaging
  • Toiletries & Personal Care Appliances
  • Fashion Accessories (including Travel Goods & Bags)
  • Health & Medical Care

(II) Xing Fa Plaza & YiFa Plaza: Xinfa Square has 1700 offices and booths, from where customers can purchase a host of beauty and cosmetic products, wholesale.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Electronics & Mobiles


The quality and cost-effectiveness of the electronic appliances and mobile phones that are made in China are known to everyone. In the Guangzhou Wholesale Market, the following are the top places to get all types of electronics and mobiles.

(I) Nan Fang Da Sha: It is the most popular place in Guangzhou, which acts as the mobile phones distribution centre. Here, you can also get access to nearly thousands of stores that deal in spare parts for mobile phones.

(II) Pacific Computer Market: It is among the biggest computer markets in China. It has all types of products and items that are connected to computers, such as Notebook, brand computers, computer spare parts, software, PSP, and Digital camera.

(III) Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre: Here you can get all types of electric appliances such as TV sets, DVD players and audio products. What’s More – all these are priced at amazing wholesale rates.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Fabrics

Zhongda Fabric Market

(I) Zhongda Fabric Market: It includes four different zones: fabric zone, support material zone, fur zone, and curtain/home textile zone. In line with this, all types of fabrics, for any purpose, can be found here. Also, in this wholesale market, you will find a wide and quality collection of ribbon, lace, button, bra cup, elastic belt, braid, embroidery and smaller hardware for apparel.

(II) Zhongda Changheng Fabrics & Accessories Commercial City: It has over 1000 brand traders who are offering all types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, chemical, satin, and other fabrics for men’s garments, weddings dress, jeans, flocking,. In terms of fabric accessories, you can easily find a number of buttons, lace, fur, paillette, garment trademark, etc.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Garments

(I) Zhan Xi Lu Garment Wholesale Market: It is an established clothing distribution center in Guangzhou and South China. You will find a number of top-notch, popular and high-performance manufacturers of garments in this Guangzhou Wholesale Market. A large number of shops are direct manufacturing factories and international brand clothing technology.

Bai Ma (White Horse) Garment Wholesale Market

(II) Bai Ma (White Horse) Garment Wholesale Market: Located in ZHAN NAN LU, it is the biggest clothing wholesale market. It has the largest trading volumes in the domain of high-end apparel. Here, you can get all types of high-end garments including evening wear, suits (men, women), shirts, jackets, coats and even undergarments.

(III) Liu Hua Clothes Wholesale Market: It is connected with various other garment wholesale markets. In this particular market, there are 13 garment wholesale centres and it has a yearly sale of 40 billion RMB. Since its opening in October 1996, it has become a pioneer in the garment segment. Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market has over 1000 shops and 1500 square meters for cargo handling.

(IV) Guangzhou Jin Xiang Underwear Wholesale Square Market: This is China’s biggest wholesale market for underwear and socks. It is known as the most professional market in the Guangzhou region. There is a huge variety of brands, styles, grades, and options for underwear and socks.

(V) XinTang International Jeans City: Located East of Guangzhou, this market hosts various shops for jeans clothing business at the ultra-large-scale level. This is a combined trading center and information & training center.

(VI) Children & Kids Products Wholesale Market: Here, there are two main markets, namely Guangdong Children’s Maternal And Infant Product Plaza and FuLi Kids World. The plaza is located in Zhongshan Ba Road and is the first franchise of the Women Infant Products Wholesale Market. It has over 500 stalls in shops, factories that deal in over 5,000 brand-name products. FuLi Kids World is located in Zhongshan Ba Road and offers everything under the basket of maternal and infant supplies.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Glass

(I) Guangzhou Glasses City: It is located in Guangzhou city center in South China and is the largest market for professional glasses. It hosts top brands of the domestic and international segments. Products available in this market are glasses, frames, glasses tablets, spectacles processing machinery, and others.


(II) Guangzhou Xinjiang Yanjing City: Here you will find a wide range of top-class glasses, accessories, optical products, and other products.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Hotel Facility & Kitchen

(I) Guangzhou ShaXi International Hotel Articles City: In China, this is the biggest hotel article wholesale market. It has over 1000 shops with all types of equipment such as financial, catering, and logistics. In this city, you will get top-quality products such as ceramic dishware, fabric cloth and grass, food packing, glassware, guest-room article, hall article, hotel electric appliance, kitchen equipment, and many others.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Leather

(I) Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre: It is a well-known leather trading centre that is huge, modern and international. Here, you will find a number of international brands along with 24-hour business service. The principal products are leather products like cases and bags, to name a few, and these are available in various designs and grades.


(II) Yisen Leather Market: Located in the center of Zi Yuan Gang Leather wholesale market area, it has 300+ leather goods shops and exhibition halls. It has a majority of high-end leather goods, such as handbags, briefcases, shoulder bags, backpacks, belts, wallets, shoes, etc.


(III) Huadu Shiling International Leather City: It has 2100 shops that contribute 230 million worth of leather products. A few top brands are Fansite, Liannu, Beijing, and Ludasi. This city has received recognition of a progressing and leading specialised market by the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA).


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Motorcycle


(I) Guangzhou Songnan Motorcycle Parts Market: In China, this market is number 1, whereas, in the world, it is ranked 3rd. It is based in the best area of automobile parts distribution centre. It is circumference with many large-scale logistic centres. Also, it has an enormous car park and a loading zone. The market houses a host of motorcycle parts, accessories, and articles.

(II) Guangzhou Baiyun Motorcycle Parts Market: Having over 680 shops, it offers nearly all the options of motorcycle accessories of brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Dio, Jog and others.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Shoes

(I) Global International Trade Centre: This is a wholesale and footwear industry market that has international level shopping mall facilities where you can get avant-garde shoes.


(II) Guangzhou EuroCommerial Plaza Shoes City: It is a popular distributing centre for shoe sales. Its main purpose is in the segment of shoes and leather products.


(III) New Continent Footwear Plaza: This is China’s largest wholesale facility to distribute shoes and materials required for making shoes. The Ya-Yuan Section is a recent addition in this plaza that handles professional dealers of feather materials and shoe-making materials.


(IV) Guangzhou Jin Ma Shoes City: This business area is spread across 1800 square meters and is considered among the largest footwear wholesale market.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Stationery


Talking about the Guangzhou Wholesale Market in 2021 for stationery items, there are three options.

(I) Huangsha: It has thousands of stores that majorly deal with old-brand stationery items.


(II) Yide Road & Haizhu Square: Here the main concentration is on the middle-grade stationery items that are targeted to students. Its top floor is established as a show hall for rent.


(III) Zhao Yang Wholesale Mall: It has duplex apartment type construction that houses over 400 shops which are mainly set up by manufacturers or franchisers of stationery brands.


(IV) Office Stamart — Office Accessories Supermarket: Located in Southern Baiyun Avenue, there are 10 thousand varieties of office accessories and various green products. The products are cheaper and are mainly targeted towards government departments, schools, and others.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Toys & Gifts

(I) Yide Toys & Gifts Wholesale Centre: Here all types of toys and gift items are available in all levels – high, medium, and low. This center contributes over 10 billion RMB yearly turnover. It is also a preferred place for direct purchase from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Russia.


(II) OneLink International Toys & Gifts Wholesale Market: It is an independent and modern building having 37 floors. There are more than 1,000,000 types of goods and over 1000 factories.


(III) Guangzhou International Toys & Gifts Centre: The inception of this center was as the world’s largest permanent “toys and gifts exchange”. The total investment is RMB 1.5 billion and houses popular manufacturers of toys, gifts, handicrafts, and stationery.


Guangzhou Wholesale Market: Watch

(I) Guangzhou Watch Market: In China, this is the biggest watch trading center that has thousands of wholesalers of branded watches, watch fittings and accessories. It comprises 9 installments, like:


  • New KowLoon Watch Center
  • SanYi Watch City
  • Southern Trade Center of Horologe
  • Southern Watch Trade Centre
  • ZhanXi KowLoon Watch Center


Famous watch brands available in this Guangzhou Wholesale Market are Patek Philippe, IWC, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-Le Coulter, Rolex, Omega and many others.


Now that you know about all the top 13 wholesale markets in China that are the best markets in 2021, it is time that you place your purchase order from any of the companies present in the market. Whether your requirement is for toys, stationery, auto parts, beauty & personal care, garments, hotel & restaurant supplies, jeans, phone parts & accessories or any other product, Guangzhou Wholesale Markets is sufficient enough to fulfil your requirements.


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