Top six Best Price Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers in China

How to import the best outdoor furniture from China? Who are the best outdoor furniture manufacturers and suppliers in China? Can we import furniture from China? How do I import furniture from China to the UK? Do I need a permit to import from China? How do I start importing from China? Which luxury outdoor furniture manufacturers in China offer the best price? Do all the outdoor furniture manufacturers in China offer the best cost?

These are the basic questions associated with the process of importing from China, which is a traditional and established method to boost your business. In the category of outdoor furniture, there are many manufacturers present in China that offer the best quality of furniture. In this article, we are going to mention the top 6 best-priced luxury outdoor furniture manufacturers in China, along with their specialization and product portfolio, which includes a few best-sellers.

Topics Covered in This Article

  1. China Outdoor Furniture Industry Statistics
  2. Who Are the Top 6 Best Price Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers In China?
  3. How Morefar Global Helps You Find the Best Price Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer?

China Outdoor Furniture Industry Statistics

The global industry has witnessed an enormous demand in the outdoor furniture industry, especially after the global pandemic, as people now prefer to spend quality and relaxing time outdoors. In line with this, the furniture industry in China has become the favorite of many countries and businesses. This has increased the demand for China-based manufacturers, who deal in leisure and outdoor furniture.

Let us have a look at the highlights of China’s outdoor furniture industry.

  • The application of China’s outdoor furniture is widely in villas, hotels, restaurants, parks, and other outdoor areas.
  • China’s outdoor furniture market has enhanced from 1.98 billion yuan in 2012 to 2.86 billion yuan in 2020.
  • China’s outdoor furniture market is expected to grow annually by 11.56% (CAGR 2022-2026).
  • There are more than 400 manufacturers of leisure and outdoor furniture.

Who Are the Top 6 Best Price Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers In China?

The list of the top 6 best price outdoor furniture manufacturers in China includes:

  1. Shunlongtai Rattan Arts Furniture Factory
  2. Yaohua Outdoor Furniture
  3. Husen Outdoor Product Co., Ltd
  4. Shuoer Outdoor
  5. Singcheng Outdoor
  6. FB Outdoor

If you have imported outdoor furniture from China in the past, then you might say that this list excludes the names like Mindo Outdoor Furniture, Higold Furniture, Agio Furniture, Artie Garden Furniture, JYL Outdoor Furniture, Linya Furniture, Longda Forge, and others. What you need to understand is that these manufacturers provide different outdoor furniture brands at a high price, which does not fit the budget of all businesses. The list of top 6 outdoor furniture manufacturers in China given above includes those names that offer the best combination of quality and cost, making them suitable for all types of business owners. The presence of similar high quality along with the cheaper cost is the need of the hour.

So let us have a look at these best price outdoor furniture manufacturers in China and their portfolios.

Shunlongtai Rattan Arts Furniture Factory

Natural comfort is the demand of homeowners all around the globe. This manufacturer offers a wide range of outdoor leisure furniture that is designed with the best understanding of colors and the characteristics of life. All the best furniture for the garden and patio is known to be the best amalgamation of rationality and sensitivity.

Range of Outdoor Leisure Furniture

  • Sofa (3 to 7-piece set)
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Round Table
  • Armchair
  • Hanging Chair
  • Coffee Table and Chair
  • Couch
  • Square Table
  • Umbrella
  • Tent

Yaohua Outdoor Furniture

This manufacturer is located in Foshan City, Guangdong, China and mainly receives orders for lounge tables from the United States. Yaohua specializes in luxury Outdoor Garden Furniture. The company manufactures the furniture in the best quality, which is at par with the international level, along with offering them at a cheap cost, as compared to the other manufacturers.

Range of Outdoor Garden Furniture

  • Sofa (single, 2 seats, and 3 seats)
  • Side Table
  • Coffee Table
  • Leisure Chair

Brand Names

  • Gemini
  • Pupa
  • Manche
  • Lagos
  • Collo
  • Horse
  • Milla
  • Sandy
  • Brufen
  • Fulio
  • Rio
  • Noah Art
  • Luxe and others.

Husen Outdoor Product Co., Ltd

The company has years of experience in manufacturing and marketing outdoor furniture for terraces, patios, gardens, yards, and other areas. The manufacturer is dedicated to ensuring the best quality along with quoting cheaper prices than the other Chinese manufacturers.

Range of Rattan Outdoor Furniture

  • Sofa
  • Center Table
  • Chair
  • Coffee Table

Shuoer Outdoor

Talking about the manufacturers of outdoor furniture, who offer top quality at a comparatively less cost, Shuoer Outdoor is a popular name. It is based in China and is appreciated for the correct prices of all the furniture, which are on par with the global quality standards.

Range of Shuoer Outdoor

  • Chair
  • Sofa
  • Round Table
  • Center Table
  • Synthetic Outdoor Furniture

Singcheng Outdoor

This manufacturer specializes in outdoor furniture for pool areas, beaches, and similar spaces. All the furniture is assured of the finest grade and is assured of durability. Moreover, the prices of all their furniture are the best in the industry.

Range of Singcheng Outdoor

  • Sofa
  • Center Glass Table
  • Storage Box
  • Hotel Furniture

FB Outdoor

Another established and reliable manufacturer of outdoor furniture at the best price is FB Outdoor. Its range is durable and meets the standards of international quality.

  • Outdoor Storage
  • Patio Furniture Sets
  • Dining Table

How Morefar Global Help You Find the Best Price Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer in China?

Morefar Global is a leading sourcing company and purchasing agent in China, which is helping buyers/businesses to find the outdoor furniture manufacturer, who assures the best prices and the best quality. Let us have a look at the important ways by which we are helping the buyers.

We conduct background checks

At Morefar Global, we have an extensive database of outdoor furniture manufacturers and suppliers based in Foshan and other parts of China. All the companies that are a part of our database have been verified by conducting their background checks and auditing their factory. We ensure that our database has only those companies, which have all the legalities covered for manufacture and export.

We assess production capacities

Morefar Global has a team of experts who have analyzed the production capability of every luxury outdoor furniture supplier and manufacturer. Hence, we guide the buyers in a transparent and honest way so that their orders are delivered within the time.

We assure you of the quality

We do not just connect the buyers with the manufacturers of outdoor furniture; we also assure the top quality of all the products. For this, we conduct system auditing thoroughly and maintain records of all the transactions.

Best prices are better than popular manufacturers

Morefar Global believes in providing the best deal to buyers. Hence, in its database, we have included those manufacturers who offer the best quality outdoor furniture at a cheap cost compared to the popular names in China. All the standard practices of the furniture industry are followed by us.


Morefar Global helps in negotiating the cost and contracts with the outdoor furniture manufacturing companies in China that quote competitive rates. For this, we provide the assistance of language translation that is helpful for international buyers. Morefar Global is one of the best outdoor furniture sourcing agent in China right now, that can help you source outdoor furniture in bulk and ship it to anywhere in the world. We also help you finalize the contract with the manufacturer of your choice.

To know more about the sourcing services offered by Morefar Global, kindly contact us today!