Top Six Wedding Furniture Manufacturers in China

How to import Wedding chairs from China? Who are the best Wedding chair manufacturers and suppliers in China? Can we import Wedding chairs from China? How do I import Wedding Chairs from China to the US? Do I need a permit to import from China? How do I start importing from China? Which Wedding chair manufacturers in China offer the best price? Do all the Wedding chair manufacturers in China offer the best cost?

These are the basic questions associated with the process of importing Napoleon Transparent Crown Chair Chiavari Wedding Tiffany Resin Detachable Chair from China. Which is a traditional and established method to boost your business in the US. In the Wedding Chair manufacturing, many companies present in China offer the best quality products. In this article, we are going to mention the top 6 best-priced luxury outdoor furniture manufacturers in China, along with their specialization and product portfolio, which includes a few best-sellers.

Topics Covered in This Article

  1. Why import Wedding Chairs from China?
  2. Who are the top Six best wedding chair manufacturers in China?
  3. What Types of Wedding Furniture can I Import from China?
  4. How to Select the Right Wedding Furniture Manufacturers?
  5. How MoreFar global helps, you find the best price wedding Chiavari chair manufacturer in China.

Why import Wedding Chairs from China?

Almost all-wedding furniture’s are more affordable in China than anywhere else in the globe, which is known as the “factory of the world.” In China, labour is inexpensive, and businesses have the necessary logistics to find the best and most affordable raw materials.

When compared to your local marketplaces, Chinese producers of wedding furniture have many more excellent styles to choose from.

According to our exporting expertise, buyers of wedding furniture from China can save at least 50% even if they have to pay a small shipping and import cost.

Who are the top six best wedding chair manufacturers in China?

Here, we introduce you to the top six wedding Chiavari chair manufacturers in China.

MoreFar Global

Morefar Global is a leading supplier of wedding furniture in China. The company is engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and after-sales services of wedding furniture. The company focuses on supplying high quality wedding furniture from China across the world.

Morefar Global consists of highly experienced and trained professionals. The company supplies wedding chairs, event chairs, resin & acrylic chairs globally. The company has developed strong relationships

Rovan Furniture Co.Ltd

 High-end wedding furniture is the area of expertise for Rovan Furniture Co.Ltd. Among the many alternatives we provide are crystal chairs, resin chairs, Chiavari chairs, and acrylic furniture. Additionally, they accept “customized service” for their clients.

Customers both domestically and internationally have consistently praised our product quality and customer service approach among them.

Tianjin HY International 

 Tianjin HY International Trade Co., Ltd. is a reputable producer specializing in plastic chairs, leisure chairs, dining tables, dining chairs, banquet seats, and office chairs. We have easy access to transportation and are based in Tianjin. Our knowledgeable staff members are always accessible to discuss your needs and guarantee complete customer satisfaction. They are committed to tight quality control and thoughtful customer care.

Our company has introduced a number of clear resin chairs, wedding chairs, and transparent chairs in recent years. Our products, which do well in every city and province in China, are also exported to customers in places like Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania.

Foshan GuanChen Furniture

 GuanChen Furniture has years of experience in producing and selling outdoor furniture, banquet furniture, wedding furniture, and hotel furniture.

All wedding locations, hotel banquet halls, Chinese and Western restaurants, and eating and entertainment establishments can use the products.

We may create new goods based on customer specifications. With a solid reputation in the market, we will design for your competitive price and outstanding service.


Sabo Furniture Factory

The SABO Furniture Factory has been in business since 2008 and has ten years of production and research and development experience.

They have cutting-edge manufacturing tools and technology, productive workshops, a sizable technical workforce, and workshop quality control.

They are able to offer samples of the majority of clear resin Chiavari chair products. However, they will charge a modest model fee; if you place a purchase, they will reimburse you for the sample money, and freight must be paid for by you.

OEM Furniture

 OEM Furniture may be the name you want to look at if you are looking for yet another intriguing seller of wedding chairs. This chair supplier now provides some of the best and most genuine options for you to choose from if you want the wedding chairs to look royal and majestic.

OEM has a 12,000 square meter plant with 320 different types of machinery, 2 NC cutting machines, and other equipment. The business employs more than 70 trained and seasoned craftsmen.

Expert artisans and quality control personnel concentrate on production procedures and testing procedures to guarantee that every table and chair is of the highest caliber and has a flawless finish.

What Types of Wedding Furniture can I Import from China?

  • Chiavari Chairs
  • Resin Chiavari Chairs
  • Crystal Acrylic Chairs
  • Plastic Resin Chairs
  • Plastic Folding Tables and Chairs
  • Acrylic Transparent Crown Chair
  • Wedding Tiffany Resin Chair

How to Select the Right Wedding Furniture Manufacturers?

  1. Consider your wedding furniture needs.
  2. Search the internet for a list of potential wedding furniture manufacturers or providers.
  3. Decide whether you will buy directly from China furniture makers or through a sourcing agent.
  4. Confirm the qualifications of potential furniture manufacturers:
  • In terms of materials, styles, and production capability, do they specialize in the type of wedding furniture you require?
  • What is their reputation in China’s furniture industry?
  • Who are their clients?
  • Do you know any of the brands they produce?
  1. Confirm their product compliance certificates for chemicals and heavy metals, as well as flammability and fire safety.
  2. Be aware of the minimum order quantity for manufacturers (MOQs). MOQs for purchasing furniture from China might be based on the quantity of individual units or container volumes (number of units that can fit into one shipping container).
  3. Ascertain your prospective manufacturer’s Quality Management System. Is there an ISO 9001 compliance certificate for the company?
  4. Be aware of the manufacturer’s production lag time.
  5. Inspect the product lines of the manufacturers and see if they provide bespoke orders.
  6. Be aware of their payment choices. Common payment methods for Chinese manufacturers include:
  • Payment in full prior to the commencement of manufacturing. Minimal orders of $500 or less are common.
  • 30% down payment / 70% due before shipment
  • 30% down payment / 70% against the bill of lading
  • 50% down payment / 50% before shipment
  1. Confirm whether they have a Furniture Export License.
  2. Examine the quality control systems of the producers.
  3. Examine their inspection and shipping systems.

How MoreFar global helps, you find the best price wedding Chiavari chair manufacturer in China.

For a long time, Morefar Global has assisted with the sourcing and importation of wedding furniture across the US. If you do not have a solid understanding of how the industry functions, it can be difficult. We have the expertise and professionalism to assist you with the following:

Check the Background of the manufacturer

You could not have access to the manufacturer’s background information because you are not in China. You can use Foshan Sourcing to look into the legitimacy and legality of any manufacturer you choose for your wedding furnishings. We will make sure the manufacturer you are dealing with is respectable.

Check Production Capacity

Forget the assertions that suppliers of wedding furniture make on their websites. They might just be unconformable numbers. We will offer you accurate numbers.

Audits the quality of the products

To prevent losing money in your furniture importation business, Foshan Sourcing will assist you in keeping track of all your transactions and other order information.

Cost-effective Product

If you purchase wedding furniture from China, you should receive the best possible pricing. The crucial link between you and the vendors is Foshan Sourcing. We will negotiate the costs on your behalf and develop a contract that is favourable to you. Since we have been sourcing furniture for more than 14 years, we are familiar with the true costs charged by those reliable producers. We can easily bargain for the greatest costs for our customers.

Safe Transactions

Fraudsters abound online, and Morefar Global is here to protect you. We are aware of wedding furniture producers who employ secure payment methods thanks to our industry experience. When making any type of payment, we will safeguard you against online frauds.

Solutions for Logistics

If you wish to import wedding chairs from China, you might not have time to fly yourself and visit various manufacturers and suppliers. Allow our staff to manage all the details on your behalf. Up until you receive your items, we will keep you informed at every stage. You should choose Morefar Global because we have associations to many reliable wedding furniture manufacturers in China. You can source these chairs from Alibaba, but Morefar Global can source these products at even better prices. We are also aware of the current trends and new products as we attend all furniture exhibitions across China and create a healthy relationship with the best manufacturers and suppliers.

About Morefar Global

Morefar Global was founded in Foshan as a sourcing company. Our most often sourced products are building materials. Furniture, tiles, stones, marbles, sanitary products, windows, doors, lighting, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and so on are examples. We have serviced over 1000 projects from various nations by providing one-stop sourcing services.

Based on our previous work experiences, we know several good wedding chair manufacturers in China who are not featured in this article. If you would like to learn more or are unsure which furniture company is best for you, please contact us for a free consultation.