Unlocking China’s Furnishing Treasures: Your Foshan Sourcing Journey Process

China Full House Building Material Sourcing Trip 2023: A 10-Step Guide for Furniture and Building Material Procurement in Foshan.

Are you considering a furniture and building material sourcing journey to China? Our comprehensive 10-step guide ensures a hassle-free experience during your visit to Foshan.

1. *Get in Touch:*
– Reach out via phone, email, or WhatsApp (click the button below).

2. *Share Your Project:*
– Tell us about your plans and the items you’re interested in importing from China.
– If you have a floor plan CAD file, show us. We’ll send you catalogs to explore what’s available.
– Receive a preliminary quotation for your project positions, along with our service fee.
– Once you’re content with the choices and prices, we’ll proceed to the next steps.
– A contract will be drawn up, and a deposit of $100 will be required from you.

3. *Plan Your Visit:*
– After receiving your deposit, a dedicated manager will be assigned to oversee your project.
– Let us know your intended visit period to China.
– Our manager will craft an itinerary, arranging visits to furniture markets and building material factories. We’ll also help secure manufacturer appointments in advance.
– Additionally, we can provide an invitation letter to support your business trip visa application.

4. *Travel Assistance:*
– Enjoy the convenience of our airport pick-up service.
– If needed, allow us to assist in booking the right hotel for your stay.

5. *Explore Markets and Negotiate:*
– Immerse yourself in wholesale markets and factories in Foshan.
– Leverage our expertise to negotiate prices and secure better deals.
– Place orders with detailed requirements on paper, pay deposits, and formalize agreements.
– The buyer/client pays the deposit to the supplier and signs the receipt or contract. Factories will initiate production.

6. *Order Management:*
– We’ll keep you updated on your order’s progress.
– Quality checks will be conducted before, during, and after production to ensure your requirements are met.

7. *Complete Payment:*
– Fulfill the remaining order amount. For smaller suppliers, we can help manage payments, saving on bank wire fees.

8. *Efficient Warehousing:*
– Consolidate products from various suppliers in our secure warehouse.
– Rigorous video documentation guarantees accuracy and safety.

9. *Smooth Shipping:*
– Loading goods into containers for shipping.
– We provide assistance with customs clearance documents in China and the destination country.

10. *Continuous Support:*
– Post-purchase, we’ll follow up to address any questions or provide guidance.

By following this structured approach, we aim to simplify and enhance your sourcing experience. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to Morefar Global an experienced China Full House Building Material Sourcing specialist.