Why de-branding your furnishings can give you better quality and help save big bucks?

What is “de-branding”? for example. When there are multiple different brands to choose from in the same product, there are two ways to show the advantages of your own products: one is brand awareness/recognition, which brings more purchase rates through high exposure and high popularity; It is the quality of the product, attracting the audience with the characteristics of the product itself or gaining an advantage with higher quality. The second way shows the essence of “de-branding”.

With the deepening of understanding of household products, consumers’ requirements for household products no longer stop at the simple functional requirements in the past, but begin to require more aesthetic appearance and personality. Small brand home furnishing customization companies pay more attention to personalization, have more choices in design styles, considerate services, and are more intelligent. The most important thing is: the price is very favorable!

Traditionally, big home furnishing customization brands such as Oppein and Sofia have been known for their high reputation, quality services, and premium prices. However, with a limited number of design styles to choose from, these big brands may not meet the personalized requirements of some customers. In comparison, small brand home furnishing customization companies offer a wider range of design styles, more personalized services, and a more favorable price point, making them a more attractive option for consumers who value personalization and affordability.

EGGER board Panels
Kronospan boards

Home de-branding: How to ensure quality: For example, you can use EGGER board Panel (E1 grade) and Kronospan board for boards. Of course, there are already more small brands of boards with the same quality or even higher quality on the market. They design and More options for innovation. Hardware can be used:

Hettich Drawer systems
Blum brand of Drawer systems

Hettich, Blum brand of Drawer systems, hinges, folding and sliding door fittings, and organizer systems for residential furniture.

Homag Automatic edge banding machine

The factory can use the German Homag, Automatic edge banding machine, Homag machine advanced laser edge banding technology to produce excellent quality panels.

As environmental protection becomes increasingly important, companies are putting more focus into developing household products that are both healthy and environmentally friendly. This not only benefits the environment but also helps these companies stay ahead of the competition in an industry that values both green initiatives and innovative design.

While the de-branding strategy may not mean giving up on branding entirely, it is important for companies to strike a balance between the two. The key is to focus on the quality of the products and services being offered while still establishing a recognizable brand identity.

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