1688.com Can Help you Scale Your Amazon Business

1688 and Alibaba.com are 2 giants B2B platforms in China, they both are owned by the Alibaba Group.

You must hear about Alibaba.com, you may find the price in Alibaba.com is lower than Amazon. Many of you do dropshipping businesses buy ordering things from Alibaba and selling in your Amazon store. Some of you may purchase many goods and sell at locally. Actually, once you know about 1688.com, you realize that the price of 1688 is much cheaper than Amazon.


Let us show you evidence:




We can see the prices of the same product in Alibaba.com and 1688 are different. Obviously, the price of 1688 is much cheaper.

Why 1688 is much favorable than Alibaba?

1688 aims at Chinese domestic suppliers, who manage their own business at local.

1688 is always the factories direct sales and selling at EXW price.

1688 has MOQ and requires a better high quantity.


Alibaba.com aims at foreign markets from all over the world.

The increase in transportation costs and store operating costs leads to prices increases.

The sellers from Alibaba.com may not from the source factory.


Which one is best for you?

If you are a personal buyer and often buy items for your own use, then Alibaba.com will be suitable for you.

If you have your own business and want to save your costs as much as possible, then 1688 will be suitable for you.

If you usually purchase a lot of goods for yourself and your families (like clothes, home decorations, and so on).


How do you order goods from 1688?

Since 1688 is for Chinese domestic buyers, you should find a trustworthy sourcing agent like MoreFar Global. We have accomplished many orders from different countries, helped our clients sourcing goods on 1688. Quality control, Best transportation are also in our service.


How do we help you with sourcing?


First, we will receive your shopping list

You need to provide us with a shopping list including:

  • Product link
  • Color
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • Product Picture

The following picture is an example of a shopping list.


Secondly, we will confirm the list with the suppliers.

When we receive your list, we will have a check:

  • Click the link that you provided and ask the supplier for stock to double confirm whether it meets to your quantity. If it does not, then we will revise in the list.
  • Confirm each link with the shipping cost, then we will add the delivery cost to our warehouse(in Guangzhou) in the list.
  • Check the volume and weight of the product with the supplier and supplement them in the list to facilitate the estimation of international shipping costs.


Thirdly, we will charge payment for goods.

Based on the first two procedures, we will send you a correct list with the total price for goods and their delivery costs, and only After receiving the customer’s remittance can we help you place orders.


Fourthly, we will finish placing order in 3 days after receiving payment.

When we place the order, we will use the customer’s name and the serial number of each link in the list as the shipping mark, for example, SG-01, to confirm whether each product has been ordered.


Fifthly, we will await shipment and update the arrived goods on time.

  • Have quality check on each package, confirm the quantity, color, size and so on. We will take photos with each package and feedback in time.
  • After the quality check, we will pack them into a big carton, and then adopt a more reasonable packing method to reduce the volume of the goods and save your transportation costs.
  • Update the percentage of non-arrival packages before we leave the office every day.

Finally, we will arrange shipment for your destination.

  • We will use your name and the number of boxes to mark each box. If there are 12 boxes in total, we will use xx-01 to xx-12 to identify each box. The packing list will include the links to what product are in each box to make more convenient for your follow-up inspection.
  • We will provide you with a variety of transportation methods, and you can choose the method you want. Then we calculate the international shipping cost to you and send the goods.

It is pretty much clear that product sourcing from 1688.com is profitable ad safe, but you would require a China purchasing agent to guide you.