How to Customize Your Clothes in China with Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

Since 2019, China has become one of the largest fashion and apparel marketplaces of the world. With a huge population, Chinese fashion and apparel brands do not struggle to find buyers. As per industry sources, sales of apparels in China are growing at around 25% per year. On a sharp contrast, the USA’s fashion industry is growing at a rate of 3% per year. In such a scenario, popular global clothing brands are showing interest in business expansion in China. Not only large scale businesses, but the small and medium scale fashion brands have excellent scope for business growth in China.

Not only there is a high demand for fashionable apparels and accessories in China, but the country is considered as the global supplier of various types of clothes. Since China is poised with excellent human resources and raw materials, manufacturing clothes in China is cost-effective for the clothing brands. If you want to start a clothing business, you need to collaborate with Chinese drop-shipping companies, cloth manufacturers or sourcing agent. With these companies, you can produce your own clothing lines and sell them different parts of the world. You do not need to have a factory or plant for producing clothes in China. There are many producers that develop custom clothes. You can design the clothes or customize them. You can add your brand name and the products will be ready to be sold.

To establish good relationship with Chinese clothing manufacturers efficiently, having an experienced and trustworthy Chinese sourcing agent will be a half success. And Guangzhou is famous for clothing manufacturing. So you can find a reliable Guangzhou sourcing agent. The agent helps you communicate all details with manufacturers and coordinate the whole process for you. So cultural difference and language difference won’t be the obstacle of your clothing business when you do business with Chinese clothing manufacturers.

After you have Guangzhou sourcing agent, how to proceed your clothing business? Here are steps to be shared as follows:

  • Customize your own brand and design your customers’ favourite clothes

Branding and design are key to success. For branding your clothes, you need to find your target buyers. You should figure out what they like. If you are selling creative t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, hats, and shirts, young generation should be your target audience.


Hence, you need to customize the cloths with unique slogans and designs. Using cartoon characters or popular fictional characters on the t-shirts or shirts can attract buyers from young generation easily. Moreover, following latest fashion or trend in wearing clothes is of great importance. Guangzhou sourcing agent can also give you advice based on their experience and insight. You can find a designer to help you too, which may release your pressure. As for the design drawing, it is required to display the picture of clothes for reference, elaborate each part like seam, hem, neckline, finishing, sleeves of the clothes in details and show measurements of each part in the drawing.

  • Find suitable fabric and accessories in the fabric markets in Guangzhou for your clothes

Good fabric not only makes the clothes be nice but also makes your customers feel comfortable. It’s necessary to choose and touch the fabric on your own. There are many fabric and accessories markets in Guangzhou. Among them, Zhongda fabric market is the most famous one. It’s really big and has countless fabric and garment accessories. Material of cotton, linen, polyester, natural silk, artificial silk, wool blended fabrics, decorative border, zipper, button, fabric tape and label are everywhere in the markets. You can also find label suppliers and packaging suppliers in the markets. After you confirm what material for each part of your clothes, you need to take that fabric sample and accessories sample and take note of the price of them and the supplier’s contact so that you can tell the clothing manufacturer that what material you want for your clothes and where they are from. If you don’t have the chance of coming to Guangzhou, you can ask your Guangzhou sourcing agent to help you get fabric and send them to you.


  • Cooperate with good clothing manufacturers and state your requirement

Many clothing manufacturers are from the markets near Guangzhou Railway Station such as Guangzhou Liuhua Garment Wholesale market, Diyidadao Garment Wholesale Market which is underground, Tianma Garment Wholesale Market, Zhanxi Garment Wholesale Mall, Fuli Foreign Trade Garment Wholesale Market, Baima Garment Wholesale Market, Jindu Garment Wholesale Building and so on. You can go to their shop with Guangzhou sourcing agent to check the clothes displayed and see what they produce and how’s the finishing. Or you can ask Guangzhou sourcing agent to recommend good manufacturer to you. After you decide who can be your clothing manufacturer, it’s time to give them your design drawing, the samples of fabric and accessories that you selected from the markets and explain each detail. What fabric and what accessories for each part should be listed on the drawing as well. If you want them to sew the label with your brand name on the clothes and packed by certain packaging, remember to prepare it in advance. You can ask your label supplier and packaging supplier to make them and send them to clothing manufacturer. Before bulk production, in case that there may be mistakes, it’s better ask clothing manufacturer to make a sample of the clothes first.

  • Check the clothes and arrange for shipping

This is the last important step of your clothing business, which can not be ignored. Size is a basic element when you check the clothes. You should measure each part of the clothes especially waistline, chest circumference, hipline, width and length of sleeves, width of shoulder and so on referring to the design drawing. And then you should check whether the material is applied based on your requirement or not. If every detail for the clothes and quantity are correct, you can begin to arrange shipping. As for shipping, you need to consider which shipping method is safe, quick and cost-effective. And if necessary, you may need to try your best to reduce the volume or weight of the package, which helps you save shipping fee. This step may sound complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, you can hire Guangzhou sourcing agent to help you finish this step, send the QC report to you and offer you good shipping solution.



Customizing your own brand clothes in China is not a dream anymore. Even though you cannot come to China in person or you are not familiar with Chinese markets and Chinese people, you are able to work with a Chinese clothing manufacturer because you have a China sourcing agent and even Guangzhou sourcing agent. A company like Morefar Global is a one-stop destination for the clothing brands in China providing inventory management, price negotiation, quality control, and drop shipping solutions and can be your consultant and your eyes in China.