How to Import various products from China in 2020?

Would you like to learn the secrets Amazon, Facebook & Instagram sellers are using to make millions by importing products from China? In this guide, we will take you through the secrets of discovering products that can help you grow your business and conduct a successful business using Amazon and other social media channels like, Facebook, and Instagram and through your own eCommerce website.

This super guide will provide you with all the details you need to start importing from China: from finding the right suppliers, bargaining with manufacturers, to finding the fastest way to ship your products.

Why Import products from China?

If you intend to run your own e-commerce company, to succeed, you need to import from China.

  • Highest-profit margins in the world
  • It’s easy to import into America, Australia, and the UK
  • Creating real, quality products and selling them is exciting
  • You need not to travel to China
  • You can hire the best China product sourcing agent

What do you require to import products from China?

The most important thing that you need to import is the capital to purchase a product from China. Generally, we consider purchasing inventory for at least $500 and, preferably, $2000-5000.

This is how you can start importing:

For instance in The United States makes it very easy for both Americans and non-Americans to buy and import goods from China. You need a personal SSIN, your company EIN, or for non-Americans for shipping prices higher than $2500, you should apply for what they call a non-resident import number. However, you do not need all of these for shipments under $800.

The Big Question: What all products to import from China?

You are essentially looking at private labeled goods while you are buying from China. This means you are taking an established product, adding your name on it and probably making some changes to the light product.

Three basic things you should look before choosing products to import from China are:

  • Products that do not have heavy competition on Amazon
  • Products that are extremely profitable to sell
  • Look for products that can be improvised to make them profitable

These are some products that fit the above bill:

  • You can import furniture from China to Australia, The United States, and The UK
  • Importing building materials from China is very profitable
  • You can consider importing tiles as well
  • Importing Kitchen Cabinets from China is a great option, as there are so many options
  • You can consider importing UPVC doors, windows, and hardware for the same
  • There is a great demand for Chinese steel and glass in the United States, Australia, and The UK
  • Importing clothing and clothing materials is also very profitable from China
  • You can also import mobile accessories, Bluetooth speakers, and electronics to earn huge profits

Product sourcing agent in Chian, Foshan, Guangzhaou

How to look for manufacturers of these products online?

If you are living in the UK, The US, or Australia, you can start searching on:

  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook groups
  • Alibaba/Aliexpress
  • Global Sources
  • Trade shows, including the Canton Fair
  • Yiwu
  • Referrals and sourcing companies

You can seek help from the best Sourcing Agent in China

The best sourcing agent in China can help not only help you connect with the right supplier of products but do the following for you:

  • Do a China supplier audit on your behalf
  • Audit various manufactures
  • Do a quality inspection on your behalf
  • Negotiation & Signing Contract
  • Shipping arrangement
  • Provide Dropshipping services to you
  • Establish a long-lasting relationship with your suppliers and manufacturers of products
  • Guide you through the whole process

Where to find the right sourcing agent in China?

For starters, you can look for the best Sourcing agent on Google, most of the souring agents and companies have their website. You can fill out their online booking form and a representative will connect with you to take the proceedings further.

We have also found these sources to connect with the best sourcing agents in China, especially in Foshan and Guangzhou.

  • Try to find sourcing agents on Facebook, especially on Facebook groups
  • You can try Upwork, Fiverr, Trustpilot and other such freelancing and review websites
  • You can search on YouTube for explainer videos, the sourcing agents leave their contact details in the description section

These were some ways in which your import business can boom on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. Importing customized branded products from China can help you earn millions. Just follow these easy steps and use our experience to kick off your business today.