The Best Knowledge about Sourcing

The Best Sourcing Knowledge First of all,you need to know what is SOURCING? In business, the term word sourcing refers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services. Now you know Sourcing is not just to find a product ,It is about finding ,and evaluating suppliers … Read more

Furniture and Furnishings

After 6 years sourcing, and trading with our clients around the world, we are now very familiar with these industries: 1. Building materials 2. Furniture and Furnishings 3. Kitchen Cabinet and Wardrobe 4. Tile 5. Garments 6.Hotel and Restaurant Facility 7. Wedding and Events Decoration 8.Electronic Item and Phone Accessories 9.Wedding Dress 10. Handbag and Shoes 11. … Read more

Foshan Tiles weekly Promotion

The tile in Foshan is very good quality and excellent price.After so many years sourcing in foshan area , we  have many ways to get the lowest price of tile /ceramic. here is the weekly promotion price of tiles : Promotion Period : 2020/05/25 – 2020/05/31 Please Download our tile price list :Tiles on Sale … Read more

Shipping Solutions

Working as a shipping agent in Foshan China for many years and years of international trade and transportation, we have learned about various of international transportation channels.   We will introduce for you by Air,Sea and Land transportation:   First of all, air transportation is the most time-efficient way of transportation, and there are several kinds … Read more